Ummm Hello there....

So Im sitting here in the Las Vegas Airport biding my time until my siblings flight gets in... and I just had to say... YUCK!! Every where you look youre bombarded with posters for Peep Shows and Chipindales, there are practically naked people on HUGE billboards all over the place. Then there is ear drum bursting music playing and clinking lotto machines... holy overwhelming. Now, I am trying to convince myself that its not just cause Im old (which I am by the way) but its because I have a sensitive spirit... haha! But I was just realizing how gross the world is, and its so in your face... like you dont even have a choice wether or not to have these things put into your head. I know that Vegas is supposed to be full of energy and fun, but let me just say that when I have kids, they are going to have to wear blindfolds and ear plugs when we fly Las Vegas. The End


Who are you?

I look at other people's blogs ALL the time! I work from home on my computer, so lets be honest and say I take breaks to browse blogs. I love looking at pictures and hearing funny stories and reading people's thoughts. However, I hardly ever leave a comment after reading. Im not really sure why, maybe cause its a hassle. Sometimes when people are asking questions or something Ill make a comment, or when I am looking at my Lucy and I feel like squealing from her cuteness!
My beautiful niece Lucy!

Anyway, I never feel like people look at my blog because the only people who leave comments are my mom or rarely a friend. (Im not tryin to hate cause I never leave comments either) So I was just curious to see if anyone was reading. I put a counter at the bottom of the page after I did my last post, and to my amazement there were like 50 views! How exciting! Who knew so many people were interested in my life?

Now I am curious to see who it is that is reading my blog. So... please leave a comment on this post and tell me who you are! Also, if you have a blog that I am not following please tell me cause I would love to read your blog to!

My New Years Resolution is to make comments more frequently on other people's blogs, and I promise not to expect any more comments on my blogs either, because lets be honest, its easier to browse real quick that stop and comment on everyones posts...

Thanks, and Happy Holidays!

P.S. If you are not following our sassypose blog (http://www.sassypose.blogspot.com/) we started a 24 hour purse sale today. All purses are $9.99 so check it out, theyre going fast!


Food, Food, Food

So, my new goal is to write at least once a week. Since my life is pretty boring, I decided that instead of updates all the time, Im gonna blog about topics that are important to me.

Today, its food... Oh I love food and Im actually pretty hungry right now! I recently watched the movie Julie and Julia. I loved it! Not like its a really great story or action packed or anything (Richard would have hated it!) but I just love to watch people create yummy food. I am not a great cook by any means, mostly cause Im lazy and prefer instant gratification like top ramen. Id like to be a great cook, but Im a simple girl. Here are my favorites:

#1 I LOVE LOVE LOVE Top Ramen! Most people eat it because its cheap. I eat it cause I love it. I am a top ramen snob and will eat only Maruchan brand. Its delicious and I will eat it everyday. Not so healthy but I do put frozen peas and chicken in there occassionally. Its extra yummy when you sprinkle in some crushed red pepper flakes!
#2- My favorite meal (also pretty unhealthy) is Chicken Divan. Its one of our family staples, ive grown up on the stuff, and I love it! The first time I made it for Richard he was scared to try it (it doesnt look so appealing) but he LOVED it too! Now he wants me to make it all the time.

#3 If you ask any person who knows me, what my favorite place in the whole world is, they would say CHILIS!!! I never get sick of it. Growing up we had a Chilis just down the road from us and it was the place we would go after all the school events, birthdays, special occasions, etc.

I die for Chilis Chips and Queso. In Washington there is no Chilis (id say the main reason I hate it here) and no matter where any one travels to, their number one item to bring back to me is Chips and Queso. I will never get sick of it, and I will eat it every day if I can. If anyone out there would like to make my life, all you have to do is send me some chilis and i will love you forever.

If I could choose one meal to eat for the rest of my life, it would be Chilis chips and queso with Chilis combo fajitas. PERFECTION!! I have eaten pretty much every item on the menu and the fajitas are my absolutely favorite. My mouth is watering right now. Oh my loves!
Thats all it takes in life to make me happy. Maybe when I start having kids I will branch out and make some healthier, more complex meals... but right now I am going to make myself some top ramen!

Bon Apetite!


Let the Juices Flow!

Let me just say that since living with my mom, my creativeness has been enhanced. Not only does she invite me to all her Relief Society activites, but also her head is just FULL of crafts waiting to be made. So, a couple of weeks ago we went to a mid week activity and made these AWESOME clocks. My mom made a bunch for gifts... I made one for myself.

I am SO proud of myself. That was just a piece of wood that I sanded and painted and antiqued and put the clock mechanism in, attached ALL those decals! In my opinion it looks professionally done. Melissa and I had been looking everywhere for sales on nice wall clocks, and now we have these great personalized ones... Im impressed!



My dad is all about traditions... he calls them "tradys" So for Thanksgiving, he decided that every year we would find a new burger place. It's funny cause we never seem to be together on Thanksgiving so its not like we are missing out on the Thanksgiving food (thanks to mom!)

Any way, last year we went to this 'International Burger' place on the side of the freeway. They had burgers from every type of animal you can imagine... Kailey and Dad were the only brave ones. They got a kangaroo burger... it was NOT good! I thought about getting the lion burger, but I chickened out and got a Jamacian Chicken burger, yum!

So this year we went to a restaurant called BJ's. Its one of my favorites! If you havent been there I highly reccommend it. We mostly went there because Melissa wanted the Pazookie dessert (delicious by the way)

Dad and Kailey again were the only one's who got a burger, but it looked delicious! My idea of a successful trady is when you walk away full... Mission accomplished! Good Times...

PS we missed the Lotts, Richard, and Scottee this time, better luck next year!


It's Official!

Grand Opening!!

We are officially open for business, so get on there and start shopping!
We have such cute jewelry, shoes, and purses... all for under $20!
Check out the website WWW.SASSYPOSE.COM
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Whop Whop!

For those of you who work endless hours on the computer, you can maybe understand... after spending millions of hours on the computer doing work all day, Its hard to get motivated to spend a couple extra minutes to update the blog. I wish I had a fun blog with cute ideas and pictures etc, but for now its boring, occcassional updates...
On the bright side, Sassy Pose is well on its way! We have been building the web site, doing photo shoots, and getting our shipments in...
Nevermind the disgustingness of the way that we look, but lets just say that its a girls dream to get six huge boxes of shoes from FEDEX!!
We are trying to figure out how to set up our stock, I think Melissa and I will end up being our best customers

Im gonna say that 10 years from now when we're millionaires we are going to look back on this pic and laugh... our make shift photo studio... I think you'll find that the pics turned out quite nicely!

So for all of you who love shoes, purses, and jewelry.... be excited for Sassy Pose! We're hoping to be up and running before Thanksgiving! Stay tuned for details.


Busy Busy

Just when I thought my life was going to relax and be boring...
Things have been SO busy! Melissa and I are starting our new business, Sassy Pose! We are trying to get everything off the ground in the next couple of weeks. So for those of you who love shoes, bags, and accessories, get EXCITED! More info to come on that...
My dad has been working in St George for the last couple of months, but has still had a place here. He loves there to be a gathering place for all us kids (Scottee and Kailey especially) but he doesnt just want the house to be un-manned. So dad got a new place and Melissa and Chris are living there and maintaining "The Cave" as we are calling it.
We have spent the that couple of weeks getting Melissa and Chris all moved in and set up. Moving is always a lot harder than you ever plan. Its even worse because there is everyone's stuff housed at my dads place and a garage full of my storage. Its been a full time job lately. We have also enjoyed selling so much stuff on Craigslist and making some money to feed all the teenagers :)
I am enjoying living with my mom and being able to spend time with her and my sisters (minus Christie of course... wish you were here!) And I am loving working for my dad and being able to take care of my health a little better since Im not so stressed out all the time. Overall things are good!



Since my mom was trying to be out of town for her 50th birthday, we were not about to let her off the hook. We got to celebrate with her early...

We went to Red Robin. We made a vase full of our 50 favorite memories for mom to read during dinner. It was so much fun to laugh and spend time honoring our mom!

Happy birthday mombo... WE LOVE YOU!


Year One...

Wow, one crazy year. There have been nothing but ups and downs, lemons and lemonaids. During the first year of our marriage we have spent over three months apart... everyone says the first year is the hardest, so Im looking forward to a new year! In honor of our One Year Anniversary, I took the couples quiz, read it if youre bored...

What are your middle names? Jean and Anthony

How long have you been together? Together, 2 years 4 months, Married 1 year!

How long did you know each other before you started dating? I stalked him for like a month before we were official

Who asked who out? I invited Richard to church the first time we met, does that count?

Whose siblings do you see the most? Definitely mine-since we live up here

Do you have any children together? Not yet

What about pets? We want to have a big dog when we get a place with a back yard

Did you go to the same school? Nope

Who is the most sensitive? Me, I cry every 5 seconds

Where do you eat out most as a couple? We go through phases, right now its Wendy's

Where is the furthest you have ever traveled as a couple? Mexico!

Who has the worst temper?Richard for sure, I cry when Im mad

Who does the cooking?Richard pretends like he cant cook just so Ill do it all

Who is more social? We're pretty even, Richards likes talking to strangers

Who is the neat freak? have you ever met me? IM OCD to the MAX

Who is the most stubborn? No question, its Richard

Who hogs the bed? I am all over the place

Who wakes up earlier? Richard by a land slide, Id sleep all day if I could

Where was your first date? technically Church

Who has the bigger family? I do

Do you get flowers often? No, I think theyre such a waste of money

Who eats more? Richard snacks all day, I eat more at meals

Who sings better? Pretty much even, we both suck

Who does the laundry? Me

Who is better with the computer? I would say me, Richard gets annoyed with the mouse pad on our lap top... haha!

Who drives when you are together? Always Richard, he hates my driving

Who picks where you go to dinner? I always tell him to pick but I always end up with the final word

Who is the first one to admit when they are wrong? Me cause Im the peacemaker

Who wears the pants in the relationship? Me for sure, Im a control freak

Who eats more sweets? Richard had a sweet phase where he wouldnt eat anything else

Who cries more? no doubt, me... Ive only seen Richard cry once

What's your best day together? any day that we dont have anything to do, I love vegging!

Where did you honeymoon? Rosarito Mexico

Favorite date night? We love getting a pizza and renting a couple movies

Favorite TV show to watch together? So many, but right now its Chargers football and House

Couple I imagine us growing old like? President and Sister Hinckley they are my idols...


Good Bye to Everything that I knew...

I guess change is just a constant part of life... for me its AWFUL! I am such a planner, like down to the T, so when I plan something I hate when it changes and I have to start planning again from scratch. It seems like that has been happening WAY too often lately.

I quit my job at the Optometry office. Im going to be working for my dad and saving up money for beauty school. I am so grateful for the chance to make money in a stress-less environment!

I left my little apartment and moved into my mom's house, which is a really big change. I dont mind being with my family, its just hard when youve been living on your own for so long and now all the sudden there are people all over the place (and peoples messes) and its a family rather than just me and Richard.
And, Richard and I are going to be apart for a while... I dont know how long (thats really the change of plans thing I was talking about). I just barely was making the transition into married life and here is another transition.

Its really strange how life throws curveballs at every turn. You think and plan for stages, ok graduate college, get a job, get married, start a family, but its not really turning out the way I planned... ugh, life is so annoying.

Back to square one... AGAIN!


Cowgirl Up...

This weekend I got to go to the Rodeo at the Puyallup fair with my family The view from the Stadium... wish the mountain showed up in the picture, it was right there!

We enjoyed the yummy fair food...

Richard made fun of me, but our family loves a theme... decked out in our rodeo gear...

I always hate the calf roping, but the bull riding was a thrill! Im a still a Texas girl at heart.

crop in style

One of my favorite parts of living in Washington (ok maybe the only part I like...) is being able to spend time with my mom and sisters. We havent scrapbooked in forever so we decided to have a Crop til you Drop! We spent the whole night working on our albums, I got my whole Wedidng album pretty much done!
We took some time to dance it up...
Mom is pretty much the brain of the whole operation...

It was so much fun were making it a monthly tradition... Christie we're saving a seat for you!



A lot has been going on lately, and by a lot I mean not really a lot event wise, but a lot of stress...

I have been getting all ready to move. Those of you who know me well, know that I have checklists and piles and time frames... moving is always stressful cause there is SO much to do you dont even realize, change your address, cancel your utilities, get a storage space, ect... you dont even know how much stuff you have until you start to pack, and its a lot of stress deciding what needs to go into storage and what doesnt.

Richard is off to San Diego for a week. Unfortunately his grandfather passed away last week, but luckily Richard gets to go down for the funeral. I know he has been missing his family an awful lot, so Im really grateful that he gets to go, but that leaves me here dealing with everything else.

Melissa and I have been training to start working for my dad which is great, but hard considering I have to work all day then drive to Sumner (about 30 min) and work some more at night. I cannot wait until I can concentrate on one thing so my brain isnt going to explode all the time.

Good news is that I am all set up for beauty school. I was hoping to start in November but I missed the deadline so I wont be starting until January. I was so proud of myself for getting everything from applying to financial aid to transcripts etc. all taken care of in just one week!

Let me just say that I have LOVED having my family here... we miss Christie all the time, but we have been having a lot of fun with Melissa back in town. In the next couple of weeks it will be even better cause I will be living with mom again and I wont have to drive everytime I want to hang out... I have the best family and Im so grateful that we all get a long so well!

The next couple of weeks are going to be so hard with all the changes, please remember to keep us in your prayers... and stay posted for updates! Love you all!


I'll about do it!

Well its no secret that I have been bored with my life the last couple of months... and lets be honest and say that my college degree is pretty much pointless (and still costing me money every month for the rest of my life!)

Anyway, I decided to bite the bullet... my mom has been begging me since I was in high school to go to beauty school, but I figured I could never make very much money from it. But since I dont make very much money anyway, WHY NOT!

So I applied today for beauty school!! Im super excited. I am not planning on actually making a career out of it, but my mom and I want to build a salon in her basement and have clients come get their hair done and my mom can do their facials!
Luckily my dad is needing some help with his business ventures so I can work for him while Im going to school, its like 1200 hours... yikes! Then when I have kids it will be easy for me to work from my moms house. Its a brillant idea!
What do you think about that?


Family Time

This weekend we made our way down to the Oregon coast for the Smith Family Reunion... we were pretty discouraged at first because it was overcast and drizzly, but by the second day the sun came out and we were able to enjoy the beach!

Chris and Scottee dug a really big hole... almost 6 feet deep!

Enjoying the couple minutes of sun

Baby Lucy didnt really enjoy the sunglasses I got her, but she sure looked cute!

I love my cousins!!!

Workin in the kitchen.... We had a great time with the family!


e're so excited that Christie and Lucy finally came to visit and we got to meet our beautiful little niece for the FIRST TIME!!! WE love her... and PS she totally told me that Im already her favorite!



AHHHH! I accidentally deleted our ENTIRE BLOG! So now we have to start from scratch all over again... hopefully ill be able to find everyone again. Make note of our new site: hernandez08.blogspot.com