It's not going well

I broke a mirror when I was moving this past weekend... pretty sure thats 7 years bad luck to add on to my already reliable Kimmie Curse luck...
Not only that, but I went to Wal Mart to buy a replacement mirror... $15 later I was walking down the stairs to my apartment and the mirror caught the railing and cracked in half

You probably shouldnt talk to me for the next 14 years or my bad luck will rub off on you.

I decided to not buy another mirror and risk cursing my posterity... so from now on I will only know what I look like from the waist up thanks to the bathroom mirror...

Please tell me if I have something on my pants or if my shoes are mismatched


A Tidbit of Verbage

Tuesday's Tidbit

My new favorite word is LUSH... Isn't it just amazing?!
My baby sistie says it all the time and it makes me...

hungry? inspired? cozy? tingly?

How does it make you feel?



This was my life motto:

A couple of months back, when I was having a particularly hard time, my mom told me... "something has to change... and it has to be something BIG." Genious word from my Yoda/Mother
I saw this on my friends blog the other day and fell in love. Seriously... I think Im going to blow it up and frame it in my house.

Its my new life motto ... Change something... so simple and clever...

In other exciting news, my little brother in law had some insight as well after I showed him the above pic (just kidding, but it would have been great for the theme of the blog)... hes decided that since he is P90Xing his way to "ripped-ness" {that's teenager boy talk for getting in shape} that he might as well join the Navy...

He promptly went to the recruiting office and got signed up. So proud when they make an amazing decision that is going to change their life.


A Tidbit of Granola

Tuesday's Tidbit

I had one of these today- I was a little skeptical {I dont like dark chocolate}
1 word... DELISH!- go try it... and theyre healthy!



We are moving this week... or at least we are moving out of our place, but we have yet to find a new place...

So this is me lately

Im falling apart...
Not to mention that my car broke down in the middle of the road (dang fuel pump)
Then 3 days later I got a flat tire...
I had a couple of months where the Kimmie curse gave me a break, but now its BACK in FULL FORCE... harumph!

So while I deal with each crisis after the next... look how cute my niece is!

I cant believe that she is almost 2 already... but luckily niece number 2 will be here soon.. more super cute cheeks to pinch, cant wait!


A Tidbit of puppy

Tuesday's Tidbit

We got Kobe's papers in the mail

They charged $20 for a HALF sheet of paper declaring he is in fact a PURE BREED

I'm thinking of breeding him just so that $20 doesn't seem so pointless

How do you feel about breeding?


A MUST Have!

If you  had to choose ONE item of makeup to put on your face and nothing else, what would it be?

See... I dont have a naturally beautiful face. Im one of those people that needs make up. I get a lot of compliments on my eyes {but only cause theyre green} AND because I take a lot of effort to accentuate them {tryin to take the attention off my awful skin and thin lips}

My ONE item would be eye liner N- M- dub {my family's saying for 'no matter what'} I love using different colors of eye liner... I prefer liquid cause it stays on all day and it doesnt fade throughout the day {like everything else does on my combination skin... Im telling you... awful!}

My choice is Cover Girl Exact Eye Lights eye liner {do I sound like one of the girls on American's Next Top Model?}

I love it because its so easy to apply. Liquid can be tricky, but this makes it easy. Well to be honest its a little pricey {maybe because I am the CHEAPEST person on the planet} but seriously its like $7.49 at Target

Things have been a little tight lately and I feel guilty for shelling out pretty much $8 for some eyeliner... seriously thats like not even 2 gallons of gas in California {$4.19 the cheapest... kill me now!}

Anyhew- I was wandering around Target, talking myself out of buying anything that I actually need cause Im thinking about the gas I need to get to work tomorrow... I stumble upon the makeup section called E.L.F {eye's lips face}
You know how they have the cheap makeup sections like NY and Mary Kate and Ashley... I usually only buy nail polish from those sections.

They had an eyeliner pen for $1 in black and coffee
I thought to myself "$1 is not bad, it will probably suck but its worth a try."

Im truly AMAZED by this stuff... and OBSESSED obviously.
It goes on so easily almost like a sharpie or something. The color is really dark cause its not like a liquid that can leave streaks in places. Plus it's waterproof so it stays on ALL DAY!

I went back and bought 3 more... so now I have 2 blacks and 2 coffees... Im totally ready for a natural disaster.

You cannot beat $1 and if you have a Target debit card {which you should have N-M- dub... it comes right out of your account like your own debit card... no charges or fees and you save 5% off everything you buy... even in the Target food court!} it's only .95 cents!

 I'm an advocate... maybe they should pay me to be such a fan...?!


a little late but worth the wait!

A lot of my friends and family have written about this year's General Conference, and now I am finally getting around to it.

For those of you that don't know, my church {The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints aka Mormons} has a meeting twice a year for all of the members to attend {if youre in Utah} or watch all over the world.

I have always treasured General Conference and look forward to it twice a year. The four years I was in college at BYUI, I had the opportunity to attend General Conference at the conference center most of the time for at least one session. I treasure those experiences, and wish I could make it up to Salt Lake every six months or so.

This year I watched it on the internet from home. It was difficult to get into the mood and spirit of the meetings because husby was sooo violently sick last week {he has a rupture in his spleen! yuck, fingers crossed it doesnt get bad enough to warrant surgery, were waiting to see if it will get better}

I am very grateful that the church is so quick in making all the sessions available to watch, listen, or read. I have been spending the week reviewing everything. You should too right HERE.

Elder Scott has always always been one of my most favorite speakers. I had an experience with him at BYUI where he came to speak to a small group of us {small as in a couple hundred, but compared to  14 million I feel special} Of course the entire talk was EXACTLY to me and what I needed at the time. I could have sworn that he was looking directly at me the whole time too.

When we shook his hand afterward he took my hand with both hands and smiled at me... as if to tell me that he was indeed the answer to my prayers that I had been looking for... love it!

His talk this time was THE BEST! I cried the whole way through it... he spoke of his wife and marriage and family. Some favorite quotes:

"Pure love is an incomparable, potent power for good. Righteous love is the foundation of a successful marriage. It is the primary cause of contented, well-developed children."

"Marriage provides an ideal setting for overcoming any tendency to be selfish or self-centered. I think one of the reasons that we are counseled to get married early in life is to avoid developing inappropriate character traits that are hard to change."

And another good one from Brother Richards talk:

As Elder Dallin H. Oaks has taught: “Healing blessings come in many ways, each suited to our individual needs, as known to Him who loves us best. Sometimes a ‘healing’ cures our illness or lifts our burden. But sometimes we are ‘healed’ by being given strength or understanding or patience to bear the burdens placed upon us.” 17 All that will come may be “clasped in the arms of Jesus.” 18 All souls can be healed by His power. All pain can be soothed. In Him, we can “find rest unto [our] souls.” 19 Our mortal circumstances may not immediately change, but our pain, worry, suffering, and fear can be swallowed up in His peace and healing balm.
 Everything was so great as usual. I cant wait to get my Ensign next month so I can wear it out reading and rereading everything. If you havent had the chance to attend conference at the Conference Center, I highly recommend taking the trip at least once in your life. It wil make every conference experience more special to you.


don't eat the wreaths

If you could see me right now, you would notice that I am literally jumping out of my {office} chair. Im so excited that my fabulous sister agreed to do a guest post today!!!!!!!
I always talk about how much I love her and her blog {check it out, you will not be disappointed!}... so without further ado...

Hey curly Q's! I am guest posting!!! People call me Melissa and I am the loveable sistie of the terrific Kimmie H. A lot about me...ummm....I like brushing my teeth, playing imaginary closet where I put outfits together in my head, makeup, taking my husband and my pup on walks {just to the walgreens by our house to buy cookies & cream ice cream}, blogging and making wreaths.

Apparently I have an obsession with what you humans would call 'wreaths'. I make them out of candy for every holiday and I happen to name them based on the holiday we be celebratin.....for examp...

  Val-eath-tine's Day
And finally...Wreathster

There are no rules in the naming department. wreathster. Hahaha! I just finished this one today. I don't fancy it much. My worst one to look at but the BEST name.

So a number of people{the # is like 4. haha} have asked me to do a tutorial on these Cand-eaths {candy wreaths...see how that's done?} Truth is. I am not talented. These take no talent whatsoev! Easiest thing on this flat planet.
Do this: Pick up a Styrofoam wreath, colored duct tape and your sugary treat of choice. Wrap the wreath in duct tape. Hot glue the candy on...in line please. And tie a nice friendly ribbon around it! Two tips: 1. Michales has a huge selection of colored and even print duct tape. 2. don't use chocolate...it will melt all over your doorstep. 2 1/2. I just started spraying them with an acrylic spray to protect them from the weather! Done.
Thanks for reading Melisartha Stewayes. That's my name mixed with martha stewart if you couldn't tell ;)



I decided that my blog is boring
I was talking to my sis about her blog the other day... I LOVE her blog... she is such a great writer and all of her posts are super funny and interesting... mine is so blah...

SO, she suggested that I do a weekly installment. Just something to spice it up a little and not that my life is interesting or anything, but it will give me something to when I'm bored.


I have a lot of little 'tidbits' in my life that do not warrant an entire post
whether it be thoughts, a quick pic or anecdote... whatever.
Every Tuesday Im gonna give all my {9} lucky readers a little tidbit from my life that I wouldnt usually blog about... 4 sentences or less...

I hope you are just jumping for joy, this is going to change your life

Today's Tidbit:

This is Tito... my tomato plant.
I was at the grocery store where tomatoes were $2.99 a pound.
I decided to purchase a tomato plant for $3 instead... talk about self sufficiency!
I'm taking bets to see how long I can keep her alive



Who will make me one of these?

I AM OBSESSED! Too cute!

Its an ALL IN ONE, apron, hot pads, kitchen towel... so cool!

Apparantly Rachel Ray sells them, but on UCREATE she has a tutorial!

I suck at sewing so I am taking donations... my birthday is not THAT far away...