Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming

Oh my... how long has it been since I wrote a decent blog post? FOREVER? well maybe. 
You know how people are always like, I have nothing to blog about! That would be me, but I wont say that cause its a cop out. 
The truth is, I don't feel like sending each individual picture from my phone camera to this here computer. So you fellas are in the dark..
However just to document the last couple of blogless months, I have  copied an pasted a couple of Facebook beauties just for your viewing pleasure... I am going to pretend that all of my 14 readers are not already my friends on Facebook and have not already seen these pictures.

My listie (little sistie) came down for the weekend and we celebrated Christie and Lydia's birthday by going to the aquarium... so fun!

Birthday girls!

Midnight madness at IHOP

I went to a Diamondbacks baseball game with Melistie and her BIL for 4th of July and it was awesome. I felt so American watching baseball and fireworks.

My bistie (big sistie) got me a real life pinata for my 20 something birthday back in May... made my whole day! By the way, that is a weird angle and my bottom half doesn't actually look that disproportional.

I would love to say that big things are in the works and maybe I will be having some great things to blog about. The truth is, I am looking for a new job, a new place to live, and a new church calling... none of which have made much progress so life will continue to be boring for a while. Hopefully not too much longer cause I may go a little crazy if something exciting doesn't happen... like now.,


Dinner in 5

Seriously... so simple... it will take you 5 minutes to make...


You're welcome in advance

p.s I think I already posted this, but its worth it