Lately I have been CRAVING peanut butter and chocolate... 
I scoured my house looking for anything that would put my mind at ease and ended up with a spoon full of peanut butter dipped in chocolate chips (dont judge me...we've all had those moments)

Anyway, I spend a good 2 hours looking for recipes that would satisfy my craving and 

I found this recipe on a cooking blog... The Girl Who Ate Everything... 

This recipe is not for the faint of heart... dont make it unless there are a lot of people around cause even though they are super rich, you'll want to eat them all yourself

Save it, print it out, and MAKE IT!


It's a Staple... NMW

I have a few recipes that are gonna get made every week no matter what... 
Spaghetti, Chicken Divan, and Chicken Pasta Salad
They're easy to make, cheap, and delish... plus, thats all the boys ever want to eat.

My mom came up with this SUPER SIMPLE recipe for 
years ago and we have all been IN LOVE ever since!
Every time we see our mom, this is our FIRST request.
I cannot remember if I've posted this recipe before, but its worth it to do it again cause you'll love it!

TRI COLORED ROTINI- get 1 full bag, boil the water and cook til they're soft. Then drain and rinse with cold water. I always stick the cooked noodles in the fridge while I'm preparing the rest.

CHICKEN- you can used a can of chicken, or frozen chicken. Depending on how much you want, I use probably 2 breasts per batch, and really just season it with Italian seasoning and garlic salt. Cook that up and shred it with a fork.
VEGGIES- While your chicken is cooking, get your veggies ready. I usually just use half a bag of frozen veggie mix (like California blend) or you can use fresh veggies. What ever you like... it tastes really good with broccoli, peppers, and pea pods! Steam the veggies or cook them, it tastes better when the veggies are cooked rather than fresh and crunchy.

Once all that is cooked and ready to go, throw it all into a bowl. 
Pour 1/3 cup olive oil on it and mix it all together.
 Next, pour about 1/4 cup soy sauce (more or less to your liking) over it,
 then sprinkle with garlic powder (garlic salt makes it too salty with the soy sauce in there)

Mix it up and put it all in the fridge... DONE! 
I like it better cold, but my husby likes it hot... so its up to you.
I love to double up the recipe and keep it in the fridge. Eat it for a meal, or take it as a afternoon snack...
EVERYONE I KNOW that has tasted it, LOVES IT!

Thanks mom!


Do you really know me?

This is me taking a picture of myself after I won this cute headband and tank off a blog give away.
I'm pretty sure its the most recent picture of me by myself... pathetic I know.

15 Interesting Facts about myself: 
(these may not be interesting, but you can stop reading if you fall asleep)

1. I use to collect earrings. I had literally hundreds of earring and I kept them in egg cartons. I had SO many ridiculous novelty earrings, trolls, fish, Christmas trees, etc. The problem was that I WORE them! Oh love, I have some interesting pictures of myself with my amazing style... I think I gave them to my mom's step daughter... I hope she doesn't wear them! Now I have probably 30 pairs, none of which are an animal...

2. I never understood why people loved animals so much. I thought that people with pictures of their pets were crazy. That is until I became one of them! I love my dog like he is my child! I have a picture of him on my desk at work, and yes, he licks me on the mouth... doesn't seem so weird anymore... 

3. I am obsessed with shopping... but I never actually go shopping. I spend hours shopping online and filling up my virtual shopping carts. Its like window shopping.... and I tell myself that when I win the lottery, I am going to buy all of those carts full of amazing things!

4. I am a clean freak, but I hate cleaning! I love for things to be clean and orderly and for everything to have its place. I hate cleaning and always put it off until the last minute. My house looks clean, but actually its pretty much not, the cupboards are not organized and I need to dust always... at least everything is put away though.

5. I love love love ketchup and eat a lot of it, but I don't put it on everything. Everyone always asks me if I eat it with spaghetti or pizza... NO! I eat it with normal ketchup things like fries and chicken, but I'm not weird... OK, I put it on tacos and fajitas too... but I don't like to eat it plain

6. My strange addiction is plucking my hair with tweezers. I love to do it! I pluck my leg hair and arm hair and sometimes I pluck my dogs hair... he doesn't like it so much. I'm amazed that I don't have to draw my eye brows on by now.

7. I don't like to read. I DO actually read a lot but only for something to do. I don't like to leisurely read just for the fun of it. I read for the stories... kinda like watching a movie. I will breeze through any book in one day just to get the story.

8. I have road rage ALL THE TIME! You probably have heard some of my stories if you read my blog, but I hate ALL DRIVERS! I get so annoyed with everything, and it's super annoying that there is nothing you can do about it... some times honking the horn is just NOT fulfilling.

9. I love the NBA but I don't like watching the games. I like to watch them when it's like an important game but I wont just watch the games every day to watch. I read the highlights and follow the scores and rankings.

10. I NEVER tan... oh I HATE my skin. I can lay out every day of my life, and go to the tanning bed and my darkest day will never be even close to my husbands whitest day. I get red, and dark red... never tan. I pray that my kids get the Mexican skin instead of my Irish skin.

11. I didn't go to Prom. I went with some friends to party so I could hang out with the guy I liked at the time. Way better and more fun then the Prom. I don't regret it... Prom has too much stigma anyway.

12. I love to dance. I dance in the car, in the shower, while I'm cooking... every where all the time. My husband gets so embarrassed and has banned me from dancing in the car while I'm with him... Its a GREAT way to relieve stress and just have fun.

13. I make lists. For everything all the time. I make detailed lists for everything and I love it. I love crossing things off. I even make lists for things in the future like, for example... when I go to my family reunion in June I'm going to need, oh and I cant forget this or that... I'm crazy, but at least I am prepared.

14. I'm right handed, but I do a lot of things with my left hand. Things like: scrubbing dishes, wiping..things, brushing my hair... stuff like that. I cannot write with my left hand to save my life.

15. I killed my third grade teacher. It was my birthday and I was in charge of the morning warm ups. I made the kids do arm circles 'til they couldn't hold their arms up any more... then my teacher just dropped to the ground... turns out she had a stroke and died in the hospital a couple days later... I still blame those blasted arm circles.

Now, don't you feel like you know me better?


Honey, I'm Home!

As it turns out... living in southern California is freakin expensive!
We shopped and shopped for a place to live.
 Unfortunately, our price range is either super ghetto or super far away.

In St. George we had a 2 bed 2 bath for $750
In San Diego, if you find even a studio for that much you better sleep with one eye open. We wanted a 3 bedroom so that we could have a guest room for people to come visit, but we're going to have to wait for my raise for that one... and COME VISIT ANYWAY! I already told Chris he'd have to give up his room for visitors.

After much searching and praying, I found a place that meet most of our requirements and didn't make me want me to buy a tazer. (even though I'm gonna need one when I go to work anyway... we will NOT be living in that neighborhood!)
The main down side is that it is kinda out there... farther away then we would have liked, but what can you do...

The apartments were built in the 70's but are in surprisingly good condition. There  is air conditioning, which is rare for some reason. The community is nice and it's close to a freeway for me to get to work.

I think there is potential... now I just need my mom to come help me decorate, and for my friends to be willing to drive all the way to visit me.


Yup, its THAT good!

I'm constantly trying to learn how to cook. Any normal person can follow a recipe, but I want to make food from scratch... I want to be able to taste something and know what its missing... I want to know what seasonings taste good together and how to get the taste I want... Im sick of using the "season all" stuff...
I found this seasoning and I'm in LOVE!

I read about this seasoning on a cooking blog somewhere. I saw it at the grocery store the other day for $.99 for a huge shaker... so I got it...
from steamed veggies, to chicken, to top ramen, to salad, to baked potatoes... EVERYTHING!
It is just a mild kick to anything and tastes amazing!
Mix it into your ranch dressing and dip your veggies in it
I love big flavors and this just kicks everything up a notch...
they should pay for me to advertise this stuff cause I tell everyone about it.

Today I sprinkled it on my chicken while it cooked, then sprinkled it into the chili...

Try it, you can thank me later!


It takes time

If you're wondering what we have been up to lately...


On our way to San Diego, we went by way of Bakersfield so that these boys could visit their mother...

Unfortunately, our quick stop turned into a long stressful night because snow shut down the freeway to San Diego.

When we FINALLY got to San Diego, the weather was beautiful!
 So happy to be back and SO happy to get back to normal... but alas, 

I'm Kimmie and nothing ever works out for me.

- We were staying in a hotel until our house was ready to move into on the 15th. 
- I was supposed to start working immediately, which is why we were in such a rush to get down here.
- The house we had arranged to rent fell through and left us homeless in a rush to find some place else to live...
- My fingerprint clearance for work is taking a ridiculous amount of time to come through and I can't start working until it does
- Richard's job from St. George did not pay him his final paycheck as they promised, so we ran out of money 
-I haven't started working so there is no pay check that I was counting on to pay our rent and deposit 

So... we've spent the last 10 days in a hotel doing this...

 PS, do you like my red hair?

and this... biding our time until our prayers are answered, which they will be!

Brothers reunited!

Aubrie (Richard's niece, and Kobe)

The bright side is both Richard and his brother Chris have had interviews and look like they are going to start working soon... AND we have had some time to rest and readjust before the crazyness begins...

Here is to hoping that my next post is more positive... 
come on San Diego, be good to us!


Out with the Old...

I hate blogs without pictures and just a lot of writing... unfortunately, I married someone who hates taking pics AND my dog ate my memory card (literally! little bugger)

Our Holiday's were mellow... 
I worked at Target like a banchee... 
We spent time with family and TONS Of food! 
We packed and moved everything into a Uhaul
Spend New Years with more family 
Watched Football
and started our trek to our New Year

Right now I am stuck in Bakersfield while the road to San Diego is blocked by snow,
and this is about where we are at...

we're headed to the RIGHT!

2011 is starting out with a BANG! 
We get to start new jobs in a
 new(ish) State with a 
a new rental HOUSE! which I'm so excited about

We are so excited! and I PROMISE to take pics and keep the blog posted with our NEW lives in 2011!