crop in style

One of my favorite parts of living in Washington (ok maybe the only part I like...) is being able to spend time with my mom and sisters. We havent scrapbooked in forever so we decided to have a Crop til you Drop! We spent the whole night working on our albums, I got my whole Wedidng album pretty much done!
We took some time to dance it up...
Mom is pretty much the brain of the whole operation...

It was so much fun were making it a monthly tradition... Christie we're saving a seat for you!


  1. I love the traddy! Thank you for making sure I was in all the pictures. Crop in 2 weekends?

  2. I can't wait to join you! I haven't scraped anything in years!
    FYI that song on your blog just makes me cry...for somereason it makes me thing of you.
    Thanks for updating!