My dad is all about traditions... he calls them "tradys" So for Thanksgiving, he decided that every year we would find a new burger place. It's funny cause we never seem to be together on Thanksgiving so its not like we are missing out on the Thanksgiving food (thanks to mom!)

Any way, last year we went to this 'International Burger' place on the side of the freeway. They had burgers from every type of animal you can imagine... Kailey and Dad were the only brave ones. They got a kangaroo burger... it was NOT good! I thought about getting the lion burger, but I chickened out and got a Jamacian Chicken burger, yum!

So this year we went to a restaurant called BJ's. Its one of my favorites! If you havent been there I highly reccommend it. We mostly went there because Melissa wanted the Pazookie dessert (delicious by the way)

Dad and Kailey again were the only one's who got a burger, but it looked delicious! My idea of a successful trady is when you walk away full... Mission accomplished! Good Times...

PS we missed the Lotts, Richard, and Scottee this time, better luck next year!


It's Official!

Grand Opening!!

We are officially open for business, so get on there and start shopping!
We have such cute jewelry, shoes, and purses... all for under $20!
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Whop Whop!

For those of you who work endless hours on the computer, you can maybe understand... after spending millions of hours on the computer doing work all day, Its hard to get motivated to spend a couple extra minutes to update the blog. I wish I had a fun blog with cute ideas and pictures etc, but for now its boring, occcassional updates...
On the bright side, Sassy Pose is well on its way! We have been building the web site, doing photo shoots, and getting our shipments in...
Nevermind the disgustingness of the way that we look, but lets just say that its a girls dream to get six huge boxes of shoes from FEDEX!!
We are trying to figure out how to set up our stock, I think Melissa and I will end up being our best customers

Im gonna say that 10 years from now when we're millionaires we are going to look back on this pic and laugh... our make shift photo studio... I think you'll find that the pics turned out quite nicely!

So for all of you who love shoes, purses, and jewelry.... be excited for Sassy Pose! We're hoping to be up and running before Thanksgiving! Stay tuned for details.