Literally... I dont think all my crap will fit into the Uhaul...

So it's my last week of work... wrapping up an entire program is quite an undertaking, there is A LOT to do, and A LOT of reports to write... not cool.

Oh, AND I'm moving in 4 days! Packing and cleaning and purging and going insane, thats pretty much my life right now.

Real food has not been seen in a while cause Im not trying to shop so its onto cooking everything already in the pantry, but I already packed most of the dishes so it's getting pretty creative.

I'm throwing everything away, and what ever is left is squeezing into a 6x12 Uhaul... and my car... haha, in my dreams! Luckily I have my mom and Richards brothers to do all the moving and squeezing for me... other wise I might loose my cool at any second.

Im combustable... dont mess... Mom, are you here yet?


Hair Cut

Kobe is a Yorkie... and Yorkies dont shed, horray!
But his hair does grow, and fast! He got a hair cut like 3 months ago and he is lookin scruffy!

So... time for a hair cut!

Here is the BEFORE pic

and the AFTER! You can tell he feels all clean and fresh! I have them cut him really short so that I dont have to pay $45 every month to cut him, that adds up!

On a funny note... I got Kobe a cow costume for Halloween and I tried it on him...

Funniest moment of my life! I cant stop laughing when I look at this picture... he is SO TICKED! He would not move at all or put his head up... he sat like that until I took it off... BWAHHHAHAHAHAH!

He hates it, but he is still going to wear it on Halloween... I think its adorable...

Just look at the picture above it, and how happy and normal he is... then scroll down and look at the cow pic... ahahahahahaha! I cant help it!

Do you dress your pets up for Halloween?


Movin On

Those of you that read my blog often already know that something always happens in my life, right around every year...
its that time... time to relocate...

Since I graduated college in 2006 I have moved-

Rexburg- Sparks Nevada
Sparks- El Cajon California
El Cajon- La Mesa California
La Mesa- City of San Diego
San Diego- Sumner Washington
Sumner- Bonney Lake Washington
Bonney Lake- Kent Washington
Kent- back to Bonney Lake
Bonney Lake- Saint George Utah
Saint George- hotel in San Diego (for 3 weeks)
Hotel- 1st Apt. in San Diego
1st apt.- Current La Mesa apartment
La Mesa- Gilbert Arizona

This will be my 13th move in 5 years.
Not to mention 7 moves while I was in Rexburg
and at least 9 moves in my life before that.

NO, I DO NOT LIKE MOVING! I hate it, its stressful...
Every moved that I have made is for a reason, as is this current move from California to Arizona.

Who knows... maybe this move will stick?
Baby nieces... mom... sisters... I'M COMING!

(P.S.- if you live in Arizona, close to Gilbert, let me know and we can be friends again! I didnt even realize how many people I know in the area... Im excited!)

My family (ahem... my dad) does tend to move a lot,
it's semi normal in my life


Fellin the Groove

It's a rainy yucky day today which actually fits my mood perfectly... I took Kobe to the dog beach and let him run around in the rain and get completely soaked and yuckied up... he loved it and I loved it

These songs are making me cry right now...you know when you just need a good cry and an entire bowl of cookie dough? I just love the songs... listen and LOVE!

Taylor Swift- Breathe

Sara Barellis- Gravity

Someone like you cover- Charlie Puth and Emily Luther
(my friend posted this cover on Facebook and I fell in LOVE- they were on Ellen today and just got signed to her label! Im buying their CD)