Little Slice of Heaven

When I moved in with Chris and Melis, I decided that my contribution to the household would be making dinner every night. Those two little worker bees work all day, the least I can do is have a delicious meal on the table {and by table I mean coffee table} when they get home.

I've been trying out new recipes. Last week I made French dip sandwiches {Id say they were a hit!} for the first time and a couple other recipes I found on Pinterest... check em out.

So Melissa was asking for Chicken Parmesan which I've never attempted to make before... therefore I put it off for a couple of weeks, hoping it wouldn't come up again... j/k but seriously... finally I found a recipe that looked pretty easy, so I decided to give it a shot.

Looks great, tastes great!
 You should try it, its SUPER EASY and quick. The ingredients aren't anything weird and you probably already have the stuff for it in your kitchen.

Here ya go... the website even has a video tutorial!
Try it and tell my how it goes!


Bestest Besties

The last couple of weeks in San Diego were pretty lonely for Kobe. I would take him to work with me every day {at a middle school, he stayed in my office no big deal} but one day he broke free and ran all over campus terrorizing the Somali children {apparently in their culture dogs are demonic animals and they are not allowed to touch them... who knew} the rest of the kids thought he was great... the teachers did not... 
So I had to leave him home alone all day every day for a couple of weeks. Poor boy. By the time I got home from work I had SOOO much to do {packing and such} the poor pup didn't get much attention.

But all of that changed when we got to Arizona. 
My sister Melissa has a puppy named Hooshie who is Kobe's bestest friend/cousin. They are in LOVE with each other. 

Every time they are around each other they play and wrestle and love non stop. 

Now that they are together 24/7, you'd think that they would settle down... NOT A CHANCE! They wrestle and play and chase each other around ALL DAY LONG... 
I love it. They couldn't be happier. 
Oh those pups...

{am I a crazy dog lady yet?}


If You Dont Know, Now You Know

It was just time...

I have been very hesitant about writing too personally on my blog mostly to protect the privacy of people other than myself. I can sometimes be pretty cryptic in my descriptions of events and such. People ask questions, and I don't blame them... I am curious when I read other people's blogs too.

 I am pretty confident that the few people who read my blog are either complete strangers OR close personal friends and family. I don't have any enemies that I know of, so I'm sure people wont desecrate my personal stories. With that being said, I think I'm ready to finally tell you all what you already think you know. I'd rather have you hear it from the horses mouth (me) rather than through the grapevine (gossip)

Here we go...
Richard and I have decided to end our marriage. 
And by decided, I mean, we did actually end our marriage... about two months ago.

My parents were divorced 10 years ago, and I have stated time and time again that I would never never NEVER do that, never even consider that. I take my temple covenants seriously. I take my word and my promises seriously. I would not give up like they did, there is nothing that is bad enough to break those covenants... NO MATTER WHAT!

I've always believed that. I believed that the day I was married, and a year after I was married, and I believed that until the day we walked into the court house. 

Gosh I love that man. I love him with every cell of my body. I will always love him, there is nothing in the world that could happen to make me stop loving him. Marriage isn't just about love.
You hear people say, "as long as you love each other, you can get through anything." It's not true.

Richard and I were together for 51 months and married one month shy of 3 years.  Neither of us wanted to get divorced, but it was the right thing to do. I can't explain it... and I don't have to... this is a decision that is so so personal to us, no one else needs to understand. 

Just for sentimental sake... lets remember the simple times...

Just know that we still love each other so much. We respect each other and we only want the best for each other. We are confident that this new chapter in our lives will bring us both happiness and be the opportunity that we need to fulfill our missions here on earth.

Thank you all for all your love and thoughts and prayers. We have felt it big time and are so grateful for your support.


Am I Too Late?

SO.................. I may or may not have been taking a sabbatical from life for the last week or so... oh well, I had a BIG life change and I deserve some time off... 
With that being said, I moved to Arizona! Arrived Saturday night, unloaded and unpacked Sunday, picked up my sistie and BIL (brother in law) from the airport... and got right to work!
We decided to throw a Halloween slash birthday bash for our Mummy on Monday night. Mel and I do nothing half way. This party was a themey amazingly spooky event. It was A LOT of work, but absotutalootly worth it.

The food (thank you Pinterest!)

Seven layer dip delicious GRAVEYARD

Pumpkin face veggie tray

Puking pumpkin guacamole

Mummy dogs 

Spider webbed Pumpkin pie and puddin dirt cups

Not to mention Mom's homemade chili!

Complete with Witches brew punch!


We had SO much fun... and AMAZING prizes for the Grandchampion

And Halloween is not complete without a costume contest:

The Bat Family... Hooshie

Chris, Melissa and Hooshie

Mom and Scott

Inmate and Pilot

The Lotts- Christie, Daniel, Lydia and Lucy

Katniss, Honest Abe, Lady Bug, Snow White

Me and Kobe

A cow and a Cowgirl

The group!

What a fun night! Happy Birthday Mummy!