Time goes by...

As of late... Scottee and his friends moved down this week! I am so excited
because I love having people to take care of and make dinner for... they are
staying with me while they look for an apartment... love that little boy!

Here are the updates on some more projects I have been working on... I am just waiting on the 
coffee table that I ordered so that I can take pics of my complete apartment finally.

This is my hallway, most of the frames I have been sanding and painting so that
they all match, but not too matchy matchy... I still need to print out some more
pics so that it evens out, and lets be honest its mostly my family cause
Richard is SLOW at getting his pics ready...

This is a frame that I made to match my bed room... I bought the wodden words at Michaels for $1
they were neon colors, so I painted them to match my colors... the background was just
grey paper and I stamped it so that it was more interesting... I love how it turned out and I like that
its not just flat, the words pop out!

Here is the finished product of my flower pots, love those easter bunnies from my 
mommy, she is the biggest supporter of my need to decorate!

I AM super super excited for next week when all the Conner kids will be down for Easter and
fun times! We have some fun crafts planned and a Sassy Pose  booth, so look forward to 
more pics next week!


Crafty McCrafterson...

I dont know if it's Utah or what... but being here has just made me want to craft it up 24/7... Everything I see, I'm thinking how I can craft it up... now I have been waiting for like a YEAR to have my  own home again so that I can decorate... and I'm SOOO excited that I got my tax return and spent it promptly on decorating!! Here are a few of the projects that I have been working on...

I recovered this bulletin board so it will match my colors...

I've been on a pillow kick... these pillows are for my couch, stay tuned for the finished product...

I recovered these pillows for my bed... that fabric is actually a shower curtain!

Not done yet, but dining room table center piece, I still need to get some ribbon to go around but I like the colors... MOM I NEED MY BLUE POT BACK to complete the set!

I was so happy that my cousin Bria invited me over to scrapbook this weekend... I didn't get much done, its impossible for me to have idea's without my mom around... but it was fun!

Stay tuned... I have like 5 more projects in the works!! Martha Stewart better watch out!


How can one little thing, mean so many different things?

it's the weight of the world... right there on my finger...


Let's discuss FATE!

The last couple of months, I have been working on this project for my job. Let me tell you what I do in a nutshell... basically our company develops online training for other companies. So for example, this company f8 (you say it like fate) came to us and said, we need a way to train our associates how to use the internet to market their product and sign up new associates. Ok, I know that is boring stuff.... 

Anyway, Melissa and I started researching the company and their product, which is called Blend and we got pretty interested in what they've got going on.

This product, called BLEND, is a natural supplement in a powder that you mix into your water bottle. To be honest... It doesn't taste amazing... but its not bad. The interesting thing is what the benefits are...

That sounds like some good stuff! And lets be honest, I could use some help in the less stress, more energy department. Not to mention, I hate working out and when I do, I work out too much and get so sore... 

 My dad signed me up to be an associate so that I can make some extra money (the company fills in your down line automatically, so don't worry, I'm not going to try to sign you up!)

I started getting the product and decided that I don't want to sell it (I am NOT a sales person, and I hate doing that, the stuff is like $3.5 a packet, but I guess that is cheaper than a Rockstar or Starbucks), instead Ive been taking it... here's what happened.

Nothing at first... didn't notice anything... I was thinking it was going to be like an energy drink type of effect. But wrong, after like a week I noticed, hey I haven't felt really tired and drained this week. When I woke up in the morning, I didn't have to drag myself out of bed, so its more like natural energy (really what we should be having if our lives weren't so stressful!) plus I haven't been having my usual headaches...energy- check... mood and cognition- check!

Not to mention, I noticed a half eaten bag of Doritos in my pantry that were stale! That's big- usually Ill down those Salsa Verde in a day or two. I haven't been snacking... and not on purpose, I just didn't even think to snack... appetite suppressed- check!

Now the jury is still out on the other categories... but its only been three weeks so Ill keep you posted! This is good stuff... and its ALL NATURAL! no chemicals or weird stuff. So you healthy freaks check it out... I'm sold and Im not usually even healthy!

So, if you want more information, go to sharef8.com!



Melissa and I have been working out butts off over the last couple of week to get Sassy Pose all ready for our Spring Launch... We are super excited about the great stuff we found. I especially love these items:

Super cute Spring Stuff available..we are going to be having weekly specials...
SO, GO SHOP!! www.sassypose.com

Even if you dont want to buy anything, check out the site to see my baby sister, Kailey as our model... Im ticked that she looks so old and beautiful, but we are happy to have her as the face of Sassy Pose!

For those of you who believe "modest is hottest," you are going to love our SHADE clothing (its my absolute favorite!) You can order anything from the Shade Website from us for cheaper than you get it from them... check it out on our web site.... LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

Happy Spring!