The Devil On My Shoulder

Do you know what this is?

It looks like an innocent bowl full of pretzels... but it is ACTUALLY the devil on my shoulder!
Now, if you remember, we ALL know that I have a pretzel addiction problem. I have tried time and time again to STOP buying Cheezit Party Mix, and Gardettos... so I decided to just buy plain (low fat) pretzels.
This has helped me keep them around longer than 2 days.
That was UNTIL I found this recipe. RANCH PRETZELS!! 
Oh, Joy of my life... I am addicted and will eat an ENTIRE bag in one sitting. 
I have been trying to portion so it will last a whole week... but that goal is not really working.

Anyway, If you love Ranch, you have to try this recipe! Its SOOOO easy and SOOO delicious.
WARNING: you may become addicted!

Buy a Bag of pretzles... whichever kind you'd like
You will also need a pack of dry Ranch seasoning mix (found on the salad dressing isle)
1/2 cup of oil
sprinkle of onion salt

Pour the pretzels into a large bowl
Stir in the oil so that all the pretzels are coated (so the mix will stick)
Slowly stir in the seasoning mix 
sprinkle with onion salt
AND TA DA!! You are ready to enjoy!

I keep mine in a bowl with a lid so that I can shake them up occasionally when the mix settles on the bottom.

Let me just tell you in advance... you're welcome!


A Womans Place

First things first... for some reason the air conditioner decided to STOP cooling my bedroom... death when its over 100 degrees every day, so we decided to move our mattress into the living room... its like a fun camp out every night, but A LOT brighter in the morning... so much for sleeping until 10 every day!

So last week my goal was to cook an actual dinner every day. I'm not gonna lie, we did go to Chili's on Friday night, but other than that I am PROUD to say that I made some fun stuff! (let's not mention the lack of nutritional value... baby steps...)

Richard had the idea to make some stew in our RARELY used crock pot...So yummy! just throw all that stuff in there in the morning and dont even think about it until 5! perfect summer dish cause it doesn't heat up the house

One night I decided to make "homemade" pizza, which turned out QUITE delicious! Next time I think I'll use different sauce cause it wasn't really great

Then the next night I wanted to make an actual chicken that I did NOT buy pre-cooked... challenge I know... but I just cut up some red potatoes and carrots, dug the yucky crap out of that bird and stuck him into the crock pot. 5 hours later (the house smelled delicious I might add) we had an AMAZING chicken! So proud!

Plus we get to use the extras for more meals later in the week... I'm really gettin the hang of this cooking thing!

One night I decided to make untraditional lasagna... I dont like the freaky cheese in lasagna so I found this simple recipe without the ricotta cheese. Yummy Lasagna rolls! (let me know if you want the recipe)
Then I tried my moms specialty a "Taco Ring." I don't remember having this growing up but she makes it all the time for her kids now. Its super simple and delicious, so feel free to use this recipe!

1 lb. hamburger
1 pkg. taco seasoning
2 rolls crescent rolls 
grated cheese
Whichever toppings you'd like

Brown the hamburger, drain, then add the seasoning
So just lay out the crescent rolls into a sun shape
Spoon the hamburger onto the thick part of the sun
add cheese
fold the corners into the center
Cook about 10 minutes or until brown
Top with tomatoes, lettuce, sour cream and ketchup (ok you can use salsa if you prefer...)

So PROUD! So this week my goal is to make sides and vegetables for each meal... haha! Wish me luck!


Week In Review

I had SUCH a busy WEEK!! Yay! I'm was so happy to take the drive down to Vegas
last Sunday to pick up two of my favorite sisters... (missed you ChrisTuck!)
But I woke up that morning with a NASTY eye infection/ black eye... yuck!
I was just PRAYING that it would clear up before wednesday, which it did...

Besides that, Scottee and I were SUPER excited to get Melissa and Kailey, stop by Jamba in Vegas
then get back up to St. George! I LOVE having my siblings around, mostly because Scottee becomes his alter ego- Stanley- and everything is just super hilarious. Scottee and Kailey caught massive amounts of scorpions at my dad's house, and created  scorpion cage fighting...

We got a couple of days to lay out at the pool. Beautiful weather! Of course, Kailey got super tan, Scottee got super burned, and Melissa and I stayed white...

So the main reason Melissa came up was for the County Fair. Melissa and I bought a booth at the fair to sell our Sassy Pose stuff! It was SUCH a long week... 11 hours a day for 3 days. Hot and dirty, but super fun and super worth it! Im not sure we will do it again, but it was a good experience.

I LOVED having a ton of quality time with Melissa. We got to catch up on all of our gossip and have some heart to hearts... much needed since we live in different states. Kailey and Scottee (even my dad and Lisa) got in on the action and took turns manning the booth. We made friends with our booth neighbors and got our glitter toes done...

What a great week! I hate when its over and I have to go back to life without my siblings. Scottee took off and moved down to Phoenix, so now I am REALLY alone... but I have already started planning for the next get together! Thanks to everyone who stopped by and visited, or worked, or even bought stuff from our booth... SO FUN!


Bright Spot

I have very brittle nails. I keep them really short because they break SO easily and take FOREVER to grow!
BUT... I got new vitamins and I LOVE them!

These were my nails ONE week ago... (ignore the awful cuticles)

And these are my nails now...

They grew SO much! Not only that but they are thicker and stronger!
Yay for vitamins!

Next step... grow my hair out 5 more inches thank you...