A Personal Problem...

Just a disclaimer, yes we all know that I am a very white girl... I don't ever get tan and I never will so just deal with it... (PS, I'm married to a mexican so my kids have a shot at color)

It was about a week before Christmas and I started to notice a tender spot on my leg, on the inside part of my knee... a couple days later it turned into this...

Now, I'm not one to be a wanny about injuries, OK maybe I am but that is a pretty big bruise... the thing is, I have no idea how I got it. I think I would remember getting hit hard enough to make that big sucker. It is extra wierd because its on the inside of my knee and not really a place you can bump into stuff... but whatever, it went a away a week later.

So, about a week after that guy way gone, I was shaving my legs, and low and behold I see this...

Ummmm. why are you a GINORMOS bruise on my leg three inches below where I had a GINORMOS bruise just two weeks ago? Again, I live a pretty calm life, I dont cage fight or play football, I WOULD REMEMBER GETTING AN INJURY LIKE THIS!

Where did I get this stuff? Im a little freaked out... mostly because this morning I noticed ANOTHER one coming in, just two inches to the right of where that second bruise was. Sp its all around my knee area farther and farther over every time...Either I am sleep walking and beating myself up, or there is a medical explanation for this...



And It Begins...

So on Monday, my dad called and said, "We need you in St. George, do you want to come tonight or tomorrow?" Needless to say, I freaked out a little...Thought about it a lot... cried... then decided to take the plunge.

I have been working for my dad for the last couple of months. He (and A LOT of my family members) are working on starting up an online training company. Melissa and I have been working from Washington as part of the instructional design team (basically building training for different companies). The company is taking off and with that, they are starting to need more people doing more things.

They brought me down to St George for a two week trial, an audition of sorts, to be one of the marketing specialists. Basically I will be doing live training lessons, over the internet, teaching people how to start an online business. Since I already know the curriculum it will be fairly easy to get trained and get started.

Things are looking good, and more than likely Richard and I will end up down here permanently! I swore to myself that I would never in my life, live in Utah, but St George doesn't count... its down at the bottom, closer to Vegas!

So, we are excited for a new start and another challenge in life... I'm just happy cause St. George is way warmer and more sunny than Washington!!


Another New Year...

I somehow just realized that I started out the new year without making any goals... shame on me... so here we go.

The whirlwind of 2009:

- Moved from Dad's house to Mom's house to Our apartment in Kent back to Mom's house

- Richard spent too much time at the Dr's office and hospital

- Worked front desk at Benson Vision Source

- Quit in September to Start Sassy Pose and start working for my dad

- Lost 10 lbs! Not in the whole year but from Oct-Dec.

- Finally got a Blackberry which I love!

- Hung out with my family more than I ever have since high school!

- Became an aunt for the first time

- Spent too much time without my honey (we were apart probably 4 or 5 months out of the year, yuck!)

- Cut 18 inches off my hair! big step for me...

- Read a ton of books including the Twilight series again

2009 was not about fun but more about life getting in the way of real living. So...

2010 is a year of Changes... I am excited for this year because I spent a lot of 2009 figuring out who I am and what is important to me, not only that but learning a lot about my husband and how to be the wife that he needs. We were fortunate to go through some pretty big trials because now we know ourselves and each other better than we knew we could.

Now we are in such a better position to move forward with our lives and we had a chance to weed out all the unnecessary things. I feel like we are more focused and driven to build on the foundation that we discovered during our first year of marriage.

That being said, here are the goals for 2010!

- Step one- get our own place again! We love the opportunity to live with family and save money on rent, but we are MORE than ready to be just us again, plus I want to decorate!

- Get out of debt! Get rid of those college loans and stupid credit cards, focus on saving for the future.

- Start a family... who knows what that means, we might get a dog, we might make a baby...

- Get up to date on scrapbooks... I want to go digital from here on out and be done with our boxes and boxes of printed pictures.

- Find a hobby as a couple, I want to take ballroom dance but Richard has informed me that will NEVER happen! He was thinking along the lines of boxing... we are going to have to find something in the middle

- Eat balanced meals... with all the food groups... its harder than it sounds!
- Take some vacations! Richards sister is getting married in Tennessee and family reunions this summer...plus visits to San Diego... We are going to take advantage of those opportunities.

- Move some place warmer, we are actually in the process of deciding where to go. Good bye Washington state, hello... somewhere? Any ideas?

Our goal for 2010 is to enjoy life and enjoy each other.
For 2010 already...
- I sold my car ;( were on the search for a better quality, more familyish car

- Got callings! Richard and I were called to team teach Sunday School for 17-18 year olds... needless to say, I will be the one teaching, but its a nice thought.... maybe one day

Here's to a new year and a new start!
Who has a prediction for the Hernandez's in 2010? I want to hear it...


Who would like to donate a hot tub please?

I have been in the market for some new work out routines. I LOVE LOVE my turbo jam which I try to do at least 3 times a week, but I heard if you mix up your work outs you will see better results. I wanted to do something different then turbo jam for the other two work out days. I found ON Demand some good work outs ( I really liked, Cheryl Burke from Dancing with the Stars, Disco Abs... so fun!)

Well, we were watching Biggest Loser the other night so the next morning I saw Jillian Michaels work out. It is different from her 30 day shred which I have done before and liked. She has one called trouble zones, which I thought, "Oh I need to work on that, how bad could it be?"

Let me just say, Jillian Michaels wants to kill me!! It is like a circuit training type thing where you do three different circuits of 5 moves each being like 10 minutes with a warm up then cool down. The work out its self wasnt impossible to do, but lets just say that it is a COMPLETE work out... cardio, strength, abs... After I finished it I was feeling pretty good about myself.

This morning when I woke up, I thought I had died... I couldnt even move! Muscles I never even knew I had hurt SO bad! Every inch of my body is in pain and kills when I try to move... I didnt think I was that out of shape, but apparantly I have a lot more "trouble zones" then I imagined.

Call me crazy but Im itching to do it again just because it feels like Im gonna get some good results if I stick to it... I will dread every minute of that 40 min. workout, but if I get through it like twice a week, you might just see my body lookin a little more like Jillians!

Now, who has a hot tub I can crash in?



We were so happy to be able to have such a great holiday season. We started out the week with a Christmas party at my mom in bonney lake with tacos and Christmas jingo! So fun, I am lovin that new tradition. Then we took off to St. George to spend the rest of the week with dad and at his sisters house.
Me and Dadbo
Lucy was no doubt the highlight of the week, Cute reindeer outfit!

All the Conner Kids minus Richard.

For one of dad's presents we made him old school cheesy t shirts with his favorite sayings on them. This one is his fav ( "I LOVE THAT!") with all of our hand prints.

We wrapped up the festivities with my cousin Bria doing spa treatments for us in her new spa room. I got my legs waxed and eyebrows dyed (check out her blog The Treatment Room) Thanks Bria! my legs are still so smooth.

The next week I got to go down to San Diego to spend New Years with Richard and some of his family. Oh how I miss that place! The weather was just perfect and I got to hang out with some old friends! (not that youre old Aimee, just a friend from that past...)

This was one of my favorite holiday seasons, I loved being with family and friends, and I loved that we didnt focus on presents (really at all) and just enjoyed each other... Perfect!

Now Im ready for 2010! I have a lot of resolutions up my sleeve with some big plans in the works... keep posted! Happy 2010 Everyone!