This Leap Week!

Plans for the week:

Getting a hair cut on Tuesday! I haven't had my hair professionally done since 2009... yah its about time!

Temple day with Nanna on Wednesday (we decided that we didnt like my mom going by Mema so were changing it to Nanna... way cuter!)

Second interview at Everest College on Thursday... At the first interview I was not that impressed, but I'm not going to count it out just yet...

Theme song for the week:

Recipe of the week:
Avacado Chicken Salad... yes please!

Avocado Chicken Salad! YES PLEASE!

In a medium sized bowl, mix together:
2 cups cooked chicken shredded
4 large avacados- cut into small pieces
half can of corn
half can of black beans
half a tomato diced up
handful of green onions chopped
sprinkle of cilantro
4 tbsp Ranch dressing
4 tbsp Mayo (I hate it so I used all Ranch)
sprinkle of lime juice, salt, and pepper
Serve with tortilla chips for dipping, or on a pita or bread for a sandwich
Makes about 8 half pitas- if you're going to have left overs, store in fridge with avocado pit

What are you doing this week?


Love Love

We first saw a preview for "The Vow" on the opening day of Breaking Dawn... Melissa and I were IMMEDIATELY IN LOVE!

Not only have we LOVED Channing Tatum forever, but Rachel McAdams is our all time fave {who ever has seen Mean Girls and the Notebook and not loved her?}
The movie... swoon!
We have been counting down the days and minutes until it was released.
{lets be honest and say Chris was more excited then we were!}

So, this last weekend was the weekend... love love love!
Since its a romantic movie, I invited my mom to be my date and we went with Chris and Melis.
We wanted to do something special and not just wait in line super early and be crammed into a theater. 
Melis found a theater in Scottsdale that had reserved seating and a grill to order food!

(lovin the phone camera in a dark theater)
Fun experience and great movie!
It wasn't as sappy and lovey as we would have liked... and didn't end as expected... but we still loved it!
Highly recommended... go see it... NOW!


Craft Day!

I was so happy that I got to finally get a Girls Crafty Day together.
My friend Stevie {from San Diego} lives just close to me and was able to come hang out with my mom and sisters and I. 
We decided to make a menu board that we found on Pinterest.

Cute right?

It was so fun hanging out and working on our crafts... It feel like it's been FOREVER since I have done a craft... with other people...
Here is my finished product. I'm hoping that Ill actually have a kitchen soon to display it in...



And Melissa isn't done yet... the poor working girl... but she will use mine for now since I do all the cooking anyway! We love it and are planning to do it once a month! If you have any great craft ideas let me know!


Pain and Torture

What's a girl to do on a Saturday night?
Why not slap some crap on your face and give yourself a mani/pedi...
Which is exactly what I did.
I found this thing on Pinterest about homemade pore strips.
We decided to give it a try
If you want to give it a try... click here

It all started out fun... mixing the stuff and spreading it on our face. Its a mix of milk and unflavored gelatin, so the smell is not lovely, but bearable.

On the tutorial, the lady said to leave it on until you feel like its gonna crack off (aka it gets really hard)

You know that episode of Friends when Monica orders the organic leg wax? It was kinda like that. I start peeling only to find out that I am ripping my face off in the process... Ouchy!
Pain and Torture, and ripping all the hair off my face, including a chunk of my eyebrow.

In the end my face did feel super soft (and looked super red)... not an epic fail.

If you're brave enough to try it... don't get any on your eyebrows... and maybe just scrub it off with a warm wash cloth... lesson learned.