Food, Food, Food

So, my new goal is to write at least once a week. Since my life is pretty boring, I decided that instead of updates all the time, Im gonna blog about topics that are important to me.

Today, its food... Oh I love food and Im actually pretty hungry right now! I recently watched the movie Julie and Julia. I loved it! Not like its a really great story or action packed or anything (Richard would have hated it!) but I just love to watch people create yummy food. I am not a great cook by any means, mostly cause Im lazy and prefer instant gratification like top ramen. Id like to be a great cook, but Im a simple girl. Here are my favorites:

#1 I LOVE LOVE LOVE Top Ramen! Most people eat it because its cheap. I eat it cause I love it. I am a top ramen snob and will eat only Maruchan brand. Its delicious and I will eat it everyday. Not so healthy but I do put frozen peas and chicken in there occassionally. Its extra yummy when you sprinkle in some crushed red pepper flakes!
#2- My favorite meal (also pretty unhealthy) is Chicken Divan. Its one of our family staples, ive grown up on the stuff, and I love it! The first time I made it for Richard he was scared to try it (it doesnt look so appealing) but he LOVED it too! Now he wants me to make it all the time.

#3 If you ask any person who knows me, what my favorite place in the whole world is, they would say CHILIS!!! I never get sick of it. Growing up we had a Chilis just down the road from us and it was the place we would go after all the school events, birthdays, special occasions, etc.

I die for Chilis Chips and Queso. In Washington there is no Chilis (id say the main reason I hate it here) and no matter where any one travels to, their number one item to bring back to me is Chips and Queso. I will never get sick of it, and I will eat it every day if I can. If anyone out there would like to make my life, all you have to do is send me some chilis and i will love you forever.

If I could choose one meal to eat for the rest of my life, it would be Chilis chips and queso with Chilis combo fajitas. PERFECTION!! I have eaten pretty much every item on the menu and the fajitas are my absolutely favorite. My mouth is watering right now. Oh my loves!
Thats all it takes in life to make me happy. Maybe when I start having kids I will branch out and make some healthier, more complex meals... but right now I am going to make myself some top ramen!

Bon Apetite!


  1. makes me want to melt some candy bars and eat them with ice-cream

  2. I love you writing.....I loved that movie too and it made me want to cook...well, actually to eat....I think that you should broaden your favs though..................

  3. i love chilis!!! come live with me we have chillis down the street!!! and I don't know how to spell chilis