The best way to be lazy...

I have been craving reading lately... maybe cause its so gosh darn hot that I just want to lay around and do nothing but read. I posted on Facebook for some good book ideas... worked like a charm! I got several recommendations and promptly got online. Just send to sdcl.org, looked up the books and requested them from the library. The library then emails me when the books are ready to be picked up, couldnt be easier.

 I got this recommendation from my cousin Emily... well not actually but I read about it on her blog or Facebook or something.
The Maze Runner

Anyway, this was the first book I got from the library and I LOVE IT! I read the whole thing in 24 hours... I am a crazy fast reader...

Its about some kids that wake up in a metal box with no memory only to find themselves trapped in a maze. They have no idea what to do so they spend all day trying to figure a way out of the maze but it changes every night... sounds kinda strange... but I thought it was great!

As I was reading it, I told Christopher that they should make it into a movie. Low and behold when I was looking up a picture for this post, I saw that it is already in the works! I love it...

Get it, read it, love it! Then get the sequel... I requested it as soon as I was done with this one, just hope it gets here soon!

Next up I have The Ark.. .have you read it?
What books do you recommend for me?


You Know What Im Talkin' About!

You know those days when you just need a chocolate fix?

Don't lie, we all have them...
Well today just happened to be one of those days. It's a doozey... stress and sickness and pain...

I took a trip to Target right in the middle of my work day specifically to satisfy this craving. I couldnt decide between peanut m&m's and peanut butter m&m's... its a real dilema!

I was just going to get both but I didnt want to use my card for like $1.50 and I only had .97 cents in change. I finally decided on peanut, I couldnt really commit to eating a whole bag of peanut butter ...

The whole way walking to my car I was regretting my choice, this craving was the real deal and peanut butter sounded SOOOO good.

Whatever, Ill just make do with the yellow bag. I tore into that package and dumped a few in my hands and WHAT DID I BEHOLD?


Peanut Butter m&m's! Like 5 of those guys just mixed right into my regular peanut delicacys... AMAZING! fixed my craving right up and I got the best of both worlds.

Sometimes its the little things that can just make your day.
Thank you to the M&M factory workers that may have accidentally bumped into the conveyor belt dumping those 5 guys right into my bag... you never know who's life youre going to impact!


Trust Me...

What's up with Blogger right now? Buggin

SOOOOOO... its been a while since I posted a recipe. Let's be honest and say it's been a while since I tried a new recipe. Its too hard to cook during the summer when I'm hot.

BUT, I came across this recipe for Bajio Chicken on my new favorite food blog (Chef in Training) and it looked DELISH! I love love love Bajio!

BUT, since I am super lazy I changed it up a bit cause I was NOT tryin to stop at the store on the way home from work, so I just adjusted it to what I had... AND I found the recipe while I was at work and wanted to eat it for dinner {its suppposed to be a crock pot thing} so I changed that a little too

 It was SOOOO good! Even the boys in my house said they LOVED it... SCORE!
Trust me, you'll want to try it! AND its healthy... yummy!

{this is my version, click here for the actual recipe}

5 Chicken Breasts
1 can Rotel
1/4 cup onions finely chopped
1 Tbsp Cumin
1/2 cup Brown sugar
6 oz. Sprite
dash of Cilantro
dash of garlic powder
1 can black beans
1 can corn
shredded cheese
Whatever salad stuff you want
Salad dressing and/or sour cream
Tortillas if you want

{Remember, you can just dump all this stuff in a crock pot and cook it for 4 hours}

I put the whole chicken breasts in a pan with a little oil.
Mix all the ingredients together {minus the veggies}and dump that on top.
Cover and cook over medium heat until chicken is cooked thru
Shred up the chiken using a fork and add half the can of beans

I let that simmer {covered} for about 20 minutes cause I wanted the chicken to soak up the flavors since I didnt use a crock pot.

While that is cooking, get your salad ready with whatever veggies you put in your salad.
I had lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes {fresh from my Tito plant!} and avacado.
I warmed up a tortilla and put it on the bottom of my bowl {thats what they do at Bajio}
Then put the salad on top
Spoon your chicken mixture on, add corn and more beans
Top with cheese, sour cream and dressing {I choose ranch}

AMAZING! I love it... I think Im going to make the crock pot version and just keep the chicken in the fridge for when I want to make a chicken burrito or sandwich, or another salad... it tastes great cold too!

Try it and let me know what you think!



Did I mention that I have three FAVORITE people in the world?
{maybe more like 7, but for the sake of the story...}
They just happen to be in this pic here 

My Mudder and two ador-ah-blay nieces Ludy and Lydie

I may have just happened to drive to Arizona again...
Who can resist those precious faces just waiting to be squozen silly?

Whelp... Kailey and Brecken needed a ride to Arizona and I was happy to ablige... AND it just happened to be the very same weekend that my newest love was being blessed... Lydia Lott {Diddy baby}

How precious?! Just three weeks old...

Myself and de bebe at the blessing

left to right- {stepie} Esther, Moi!, Mombo, Diddy Baby, 
{older sistie} Cbo, Ludy tude, {younger sisties{ Kake and MelT

I am so thankful that I have been able to be there with the rest of my ZONIE family members for these special occasions... Did I mention that my mom moved to ARIZONA too? I feel so left out... POO!


Go For Gold

Last week was lush and prime... {do I sound like a teenager?}
 I picked up my baby sister Kailey and her bestie Brecken at EFY in Riverside

They got to stay and visit for a WHOLE week! Love Love Love it!

Basically all we did was:

Beach it...

Tour it...

Swim it...

Tie Dye it...

And beach it some more...

We all got burnt, but it was worth it!
Love those girls, I miss them already