Ummm Hello there....

So Im sitting here in the Las Vegas Airport biding my time until my siblings flight gets in... and I just had to say... YUCK!! Every where you look youre bombarded with posters for Peep Shows and Chipindales, there are practically naked people on HUGE billboards all over the place. Then there is ear drum bursting music playing and clinking lotto machines... holy overwhelming. Now, I am trying to convince myself that its not just cause Im old (which I am by the way) but its because I have a sensitive spirit... haha! But I was just realizing how gross the world is, and its so in your face... like you dont even have a choice wether or not to have these things put into your head. I know that Vegas is supposed to be full of energy and fun, but let me just say that when I have kids, they are going to have to wear blindfolds and ear plugs when we fly Las Vegas. The End

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  1. "holy overwhelming" thanks for the laugh. good luck leaving Vegas with your sweet, sensitive spirit intacked.