La Di Freakin Dah

Some humans complain that I need to update my blog (Aunt Karin). For some reason I have not been very bloggy this year. It could be the fact that I hate my job and all of the joy in life has been crushed forever... but also that I am lazy. 

Heneyway.... in November I:

-Finally got to see my best friend! Nikki came to visit from Rexburg. We hadn't seen each other in ages. It was a great weekend spent catching up and eating and lounging... so perfect. AND I lost all of the pictures from when my phone crashed, tragic.

- Got a calling and am now serving on the Relief Society additional meetings committee with my two sisties.

- Went to the breaking Dawn part 2 premiere at the movie grill with Chris, Melis, and Christie. I loved it and will be buying it. Its like a big chapter in my life is over, so crazy!

- We went to St. George for Thanksgiving and had a great time as usual. Food, movies, family, shopping... the best time!

Here are some random pics from my phone to document the happenings:

The Breaking Dawn Part 2 Premiere with my sistie's and BIL

I got my teeth whitened for a pre-Christmas present.

Black Friday madness... you cant even see Target in this pic, but that's where we were headed!