I think the honeymoon phase is over

Sometimes I am a bad wife...

I probably make dinner like 3 times a week, if that, and its never a full dinner... more like here is some spaghetti (no salad or bread or anything) my husbie asks what we are going to have for dinner and I say... ugh... can I make you some top ramen? I wish I liked to cook, or was good at it, but I'm not...

And then my husbie breaks his hand (is it actually broken? i don't know but it looks pretty bad) and I'm like, oh lets put some ice on it... seriously if it was me (drama queen) I would scream and cry and milk it, but he just puts some ice on it... I think working in social work stripped me of my compassion...

I don't think I have seen the hour of 10 AM for at least a week... I put a dark sheet over the window in my room so I never know what time of day it is... I could sleep forever and never think twice about it (I am my mothers daughter)... my poor husbie is up by 7 am every morning, waiting patiently to start the day... by the time I'm up he is ready for a after lunch time nap... so neglected

I have a lot of goals and aspirations... but working from home, any hours I want is just making me lazy... I think Ill lay by the pool and drink a mojito... I cant be bothered to do anything that is actually important...


Oh the heat...

Here we are! A couple of weeks ago, my 18 month old computer decided to DIE suddenly...
oh the pressure... I never realized how much I depend on a computer... so anyway
I have a new "work" computer and I have been feverishly working away to get it all set up and transfer files, etc... and now I am ready to blog again.

 Not only that... but its BLOODY HOT here! 

This is an actual picture taken from my car... yuck!

Thats besides the point... this weekend we got to get out of town real quick yay!!
Honey Pie's(HP) mother was having her 70th birthday in Bakersfield and we took the 6 hr. drive to join the family for a birthday party/family reunion
We left at the crack of dawn on Friday morning... for no apparent reason other than my husbie was
very excited... haha.. and drove across the desert.
We got there only to find out that mother was in the hospital :( 

She is doing ok now, but spent the whole time we were there in the hospital.
Unfortunately, no party but we did have a great weekend hanging out with the family.

HP and Pops hangin out... 

I even got to meet some of Honey's cousins and aunts that I hadn't met yet.
HP took me to Taft, CA to show me the town that he grew up in... it was not much to see, but we did stop by and visit his great grandpa and grandma at the cemetery

As soon as I took that pic my camera died, so unfortunately the rest of the pics are from my cell phone...

My very favorite part of the weekend was seeing HP with all of his nieces and nephews... they ADORE him!
They were all inseparable the entire time, and HP tells me that kids dont like him...tisk tisk

Kierra trying to get HP to stop watching TV and give her some attention... haha

The Santiago kids even managed to lure him into the pool... which I have been trying to do SINCE we met...
Cade, Trinity, and Kyse... oh and the puppy Zeva

Jewel... the craziest kid in the world, but SO adorable!

HP, Trinity, and Jewel..
. (isnt it great that my husbie HATES taking pictures... if looks could kill..)

We had a great weekend, got to see new Baby Damian and even go to cousin Stormy's baby shower.
Home again for another week of work and sweat...


Photo Fun

A couple of weeks ago, everyone came into town for our family reunion! So fun seeing everyone... check out my sister Melissa's blog for more pics. While all the sibs were here (first time since MY wedding in 2008!) we took advantage for Melissa's new camera!
For Father's Day, one project was to take pics for my dad's favorite sayings... LIFE IS GOOD...

I think it turned out pretty cute! What do you think?