Busy Busy

Just when I thought my life was going to relax and be boring...
Things have been SO busy! Melissa and I are starting our new business, Sassy Pose! We are trying to get everything off the ground in the next couple of weeks. So for those of you who love shoes, bags, and accessories, get EXCITED! More info to come on that...
My dad has been working in St George for the last couple of months, but has still had a place here. He loves there to be a gathering place for all us kids (Scottee and Kailey especially) but he doesnt just want the house to be un-manned. So dad got a new place and Melissa and Chris are living there and maintaining "The Cave" as we are calling it.
We have spent the that couple of weeks getting Melissa and Chris all moved in and set up. Moving is always a lot harder than you ever plan. Its even worse because there is everyone's stuff housed at my dads place and a garage full of my storage. Its been a full time job lately. We have also enjoyed selling so much stuff on Craigslist and making some money to feed all the teenagers :)
I am enjoying living with my mom and being able to spend time with her and my sisters (minus Christie of course... wish you were here!) And I am loving working for my dad and being able to take care of my health a little better since Im not so stressed out all the time. Overall things are good!

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