Just a little change

As I mentioned in my previous post... we moved!
Just a couple of miles from Gilbert to Gilbert, and its ahmahzing!

This is the story... When I moved to Arizona last November, I was staying with my sister and her husby while I looked for a job and got settled. After I had been working for a couple of months, I started looking for apartments. Chris and Melis were also looking for a new place since their lease was coming to an end. We were all annoyed that we could not find what we were looking for and we wanted places that were nicer than our budgets. We decided that it just makes sense for us to pool our resources and get a place that is nicer and bigger that we can all live in together... Hello! Why wouldnt we.? Our puppies can have company all day while we work and I wouldnt have to live alone.
We all get along great (except when the Lakers play the Celtics), so its the perfect situation!
We found an amazing home that is brand new, in such a cute neighborhood. The best part is that there is a loft upstairs so that Kobe and I can have our own little apartment area.
I love it! Super cute right?! (bad cell phone picture)
This is the wall behind the couch, my fave!
The rest of the house is still in project phase, but Ill post pictures as they come together.
The most fun part of moving is decorating! Melissa and I have spent hours and days on pinterest finding projects and ideas to customize our space.
Here is one project I am still working on. I found this table on Craigslist for $35... amazing deal!
I re did it from a picture that I found on Pinterest... Love it!!
This is at the top of the stairs. Im still waiting on curtains for that window, but you get the idea.
I cant wait to decorate the table each season with fun things that I find.
My mom did the amazing flower arangement! She is showing up everyday with new things she has made or bought for us... so great! My older sister and her family live just a mile away so we are seeing them more which is great.
Stay tuned next week for pics of my bedroom and bathroom!! 


Playing Catch Up

So, recently I do not like to blog...bleh... But you know who does like to blog is my sistie Melzers320 also knows as hotflame04 or Meico... if you want full details on what I am about to tell you, go to her blog cause she is much more fun to read than I am... CLICK HERE... I'll give you the short version then you can go to her blog and read the full stories.

What has been going on this last month? quite a bit acutally. Which is quite a nice treat to my usually boring life.
WE MOVED!! So exciting. I am still sharing a house with Chris and Melis, but now its a huge brand new house that is perfect for all of us and the boys.

Its only a couple of miles from where we were in Gilbert, Arizona. Its great cause I have my own space and don't have to live lonely. More pics of that to come soon since we have been decorating like crazy over here. We are now in the same ward as my older sister Christie which is SO fun!

We moved into the new house on Saturday then the next Friday, Melissa and I made a quick trip up to Saint George Utah to help Kailey get settled in her very first college apartment. It is a little tearful to see her all grown up and responsible and what not. We decorated her room and it turned out amazeballs if I do say so my self!

Then just 4 days later Dad and his wife Lisa came into town to take us to the Rascal Flatts concert!! I love them forever and it was SO much fun. I use to go to concerts all the time (hello NSYNC days!) and now have rediscovered my love for live music.

After 3 weeks of working full time and squeezing some fun into every spare minute, I am pretty exhaused but trying not to slow down too much. I decided that life is a lot more fulfilling when I'm busy.
I cant wait to show you all the fun projects that I am working on.