Who are you?

I look at other people's blogs ALL the time! I work from home on my computer, so lets be honest and say I take breaks to browse blogs. I love looking at pictures and hearing funny stories and reading people's thoughts. However, I hardly ever leave a comment after reading. Im not really sure why, maybe cause its a hassle. Sometimes when people are asking questions or something Ill make a comment, or when I am looking at my Lucy and I feel like squealing from her cuteness!
My beautiful niece Lucy!

Anyway, I never feel like people look at my blog because the only people who leave comments are my mom or rarely a friend. (Im not tryin to hate cause I never leave comments either) So I was just curious to see if anyone was reading. I put a counter at the bottom of the page after I did my last post, and to my amazement there were like 50 views! How exciting! Who knew so many people were interested in my life?

Now I am curious to see who it is that is reading my blog. So... please leave a comment on this post and tell me who you are! Also, if you have a blog that I am not following please tell me cause I would love to read your blog to!

My New Years Resolution is to make comments more frequently on other people's blogs, and I promise not to expect any more comments on my blogs either, because lets be honest, its easier to browse real quick that stop and comment on everyones posts...

Thanks, and Happy Holidays!

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  1. just so you know I love reading your blogs...mostly because when I read what you write I can hear your voice talking and I love that...takes me back and makes me smile. ahhh.

  2. Here's your mom making comments....great idea by the way and you were just as cute at that ages as Lucy

  3. I like to read blogs too, even with all the homework i have i still find time, haha! You left a comment on my blog, and by the way the guy that looked at our car said he thinks that when it gets really cold the doors don't shut very well, so the light inside the car stays on, so we just leave it off. Anyways! I hope you are doing fantastic! Love you :)

  4. I love your blog especially since i hardley ever get to talk to you it's nice to see what's going on. plus you crack me up alot! LOVE IT I recommend people to your blog all the time

  5. I love reading your blog Kimmie. It's fun to get to know you better. :-) And I'm totally with you... I only leave comments occasionally too. By the way, I love the SassyPose site you and Melissa are doing. You have the cutest stuff! Merry Christmas!

  6. I admit, I am a blog stalker too. Maybe we should start a support group. :)

  7. I totally read your blog! I am the same, I never leave comments on anyones blog, because I dont have time really. But I do read yours, and I will try to comment more often. Love you! Cant wait to see you in a few days

  8. Loves it......I'm a blog fan of yours!! db

  9. Hello Kimmie,
    Yes, this is your cousin Summie! I totally read your blog, but only because I love you and you are way cute! BTW, your mom is absolutely right...you were as cute as little Lucy. I remember you, and Christie, and Melissa (Fa) well at that age! Cute cute girls! :)