Bargain Hunters

We all know that I've had an extensive retail career working on Black Friday {of death}. BUT I have never actually shopped the madness {mostly cause I thought those people we're crazy!}

This year I decided to join in on the fun. We were in St. George for Thanksgiving and since Target was opening at midnight it was thunk to be a wee bit easier than previous 4 a.m. experiences. They had a T.V that I wanted and some other good door buster deals {think Christmas presents!} so we got all pumped and prepared for a long night.

We headed off to Target around 7:30 p.m. It wasn't too cold yet and there were probably like 40 people ahead of us in line. Since Kailey had to work at Hollister at 4 a.m. she decided to pull an all-nighter and bring some friends along for entertainment.

Sitting in line wasn't all that bad. We made friends with our fellow line mates and banned together the last hour when people started showing up and trying to cut into that line. We got pretty rowdy there towards the end {SERIOUSLY people, don't think you can show up at midnight and get in on those deals we waited in line 4.5 hours for! RUDE!} Chris was the enforcer and got in some peoples face... that was the best part!

While I didn't get the TV that I wanted, we got some other great deals and were out of there by 1:45! Overall success! The things we do to save a few bucks... totally worth it!

We did go to Kohl's later that day around 3 p.m. and waited in line for over an hour... not worth it. But with Black Friday shopping and then Cyber Monday shopping, I can proudly say that I'm DONE with Christmas shopping! Yippee! Now I can just enjoy the Holiday, highly recommended.

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  1. I am almost convinced I sould try some Black Friday Shopping...Not this year (obviously...) but I think I will go next year and see what the hype is all about...we will see though. I am kind of a wimp.