I want the season to LAST all year round!

I definitely think this year is one of my best Christmases ever.
Its just the best... this season. We didn't do anything super extravagant or amazing which is maybe why I just loved it. The whole month being with my mom and sisters enjoying shopping and decorating. We had some fun activities... Grinch Night, Ward Christmas party, Temple lights, Scrabble night, Bethlehem, Christmas choir concert, Christmas eve minute to win it... but really we just enjoyed being together.

The best best is being able to be together with ALL of my siblings. I hadn't seen my brother Scottee for OVER a year. Myself and three sisters went to pick him up at the airport and spend an afternoon together... just us 5 original Conner siblings... it was awesome and so special. 

Also my dad and his wife were able to drive down from St. George on Christmas night and spend a day or so with us. It was the first Christmas in a long time that I got to be with EVERY single member of my family in one day. I loved it! That's what Christmas is all about. Remembering our Savior and cherishing our blessings and our families. 
Such a special Christmas season that I will never forget!

Kobe went CRAZY for his stocking!

Christmas morning breakfast... a tree!

My niece Lucy getting spoiled like crazy... as usual

Melissa always gets Kailey crazy presents... hence the straw glasses

What a cute baby brother I have...so precious

PS crappy phone pics... is that all I took?

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