11 of 2011

11 from 2011
  1. I moved from St. George to San Diego the first weekend of the new year and lived in a hotel for 2 weeks.
  2. I got an awesome job that I loved as a program director for a non profit organization called SAY San Diego.
  3. Moved from the hotel/storage to an apartment in San Diego
  4. Two months later I moved from that apartment, that I hated, to a new apartment closer to my job.
  5. I turned 28 (yuck) and got to spend my birthday weekend in Arizona with my family (and my 2 year old niece Lucy that shares my birthday)
  6. I drove back and forth from San Diego to Arizona 4 times this summer for baby shower, the birth of a new niece Lydia, baby blessing, and General conference weekend.
  7. I was called to work as an Ordinance worker in the San Diego temple... AMAZING!
  8. I got to serve as the young women's secretary for a quick stint before I moved... loved it!
  9. I got laid off from that job at the end of October due to state budget cuts
  10. I filed for divorce three weeks shy of our three year anniversary... big decision, big life changes
  11. I moved from San Diego to Gilbert Arizona... best decision I've made in a while!
12 for 2012

  1. Get a job... there has to be one out there that is perfect for me somewhere in the 115 that I've already applied for.
  2. Move into a new home with a yard for Kobe and a washer/dryer inside... no more quarters EVER!
  3. Attend the temple at least 2 times per month. The new Gilbert temple is being built 4 miles from our house!
  4. Sign up for classes... I want to do a dance class and a cooking class of some kind
  5. Attend at least 1 NBA game... Suns vs. Lakers or Mavs... so fun!
  6. Take ONE great vacation trip... excluding family functions.
  7. Get a more practical car... good bye SUV hello great gas mileage!
  8. Breed Kobe... he needs a girlfriend in a BAD way... and I need some money please!
  9. Have a good attitude... don't be negative unless I have a {good} reason (just being practical)
  10. Plan an epic party or event! Theme it up!
  11. Read one new book a month
  12. Journal, blog, and scrapbook regularly... keepin up and catchin up


  1. Hey Kimmie, I've become the WORST at checking blogs since baby #2 was born, so I feel like I've missed out on a lot of your life. You had a crazy 2011, but I love your goals for 2012. They sound perfect! And if you're ever in St. George, please let me know! I would love to grab lunch with you.

  2. I think you should add the goal of "meeting up with Beth" ;) Hope your 2012 is better than your 2011! *B

  3. 2012 is going to rock! I must say my dream calling is to work in Temple...I know we aren't supposed to dream of callings, but I figure working in the Temple is okay to dream about.