Project time!

You can't have the Holiday season without doing at least one homemade crafty thingy. 

I've been wanting to make Richard a T shirt quilt for a while. He always had this pile of T shirts that he didn't wear anymore but refused to get rid of. I told him years ago that I would make a quilt but I never got around to it.

When I was packing our things up before the big move, I found these shirts and decided that I would FINALLY make it happen and surprise him for Christmas.

I love it yay!

Thanks to my crafty mother, it didn't take too long. It took basically two or three afternoons, maybe 5 hours total. If you haven't made a T shirt quilt ever, I would highly suggest it. Its such a great way to keep those memories from high school activities, or concerts, or family reunions. Whatever things you have hanging around. Richard even had a pair of boxers he wanted to hang on to that I just sewed the material  into a square.

Such a great Christmas gift and a walk down memory lane. Plus its nice fleece on the back so it will be warm and hopefully last a long time!

Let me know if you want the instructions!

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