The Things I Miss the Most

For a couple of days my back was kinda sore... Mostly just when I twisted or moved in a certain way. I didn't think too much about it since I had been doing some pretty tough work outs. Then on Sunday morning, I was just going about my business, getting ready for the day... I stood up from putting my make up on (I sit on the floor in front of the mirror) and that was it... the end of me... I couldn't stand up straight! 

Like an 80 year old woman... I hobbled into the living room and collapsed on the floor.
 Laying flat on my back, frozen peas, icy hot... Sunday was a long day!
My wonderful husbie waited on me hand and foot cooking for me and taking care of the pup.
When night time rolled around I crawled to the bedroom, bawling because of the pain, Richard tried to just carry me but that was tons more painful... it took me 15 minutes to get to the bedroom, and Ive been there ever since.

Its amazing what two days in bed can help you appreciate... little things you take for granted.

These are the things I miss the most:

1. Coughing, sneezing and yawning- every time I do I get the worst spasms down my leg. I try to hold my breath to prevent it, but we all know that is impossible

2. Itching my leg. I cannot even lift my leg or bend to the side to get that tiny itch just above my knee.

3. Taking a shower...it took me 30 minutes to just get into the bath today... Richard had to wash my hair cause I cant lift my arms at the same time, I couldn't twist at all to wash my back... nightmare

4. Grabbing things... since I'm laying flat on my back, I cannot even lift up to grab my water, or a pen, or anything really... I tried to get Kobe to bring me a pen for like 10 minutes, which was 6 inches from my finger tips. He just chewed it up...

5. The fresh air. There have been wonderful thunder storms here and I love the air right after a big rain... its so clean and fresh... I haven't been outside since Saturday

Then there are the obvious things like walking, sitting up, rolling over, moving... I would give anything to be able to just jump up and run to the store... My husby has been wonderful taking care of me and Kobe, but I now know how much I love to be independent... Pray for me to get my independence back... and SOON or Ill go crazy...

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  1. Get your behind to the chiropractor girlie! It will take a few treatments...but soooo worth it!!! You probably herniated a disc....and it is treatable! Call me if you need a referal! Feel better. Love you!