Holiday Season Officially in Progress!

In Utah, Halloween was celebrated a day early. Richard had to work on Friday and Saturday night so I was feeling sorry for myself. I don't know any person in the ward other than my cousins and they weren't going to the ward party on Friday night, so I decided to cook myself an amazing dinner and get dressed up.
Turns out, my Chicken Florentine turned out ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING! I got the recipe off Kraft Foods.com which usually gives me some amazing recipes... but this one was not! I couldn't even take more than one bite, it was that bad... So I decided to stay in my sweats and make some cinnamon rolls.

I got a delish looking recipe off of one of my favorite blogs... I cant remember which one, but email me if you want the recipe
I started the dough on Friday night, then let it raise overnight... and finished on Saturday.

 It is quite a process, and since I am a beginner when it comes to baking, I am very proud of myself!

On Saturday night, we went to my cousin Bria's house for a dinner party. Its always fun to hang out with people who have kids on Halloween. I even dressed Kobe up...

what a cute pup! Richard was ticked about the costume. He does NOT want us to be the type of people that dress their animals. I think that Halloween should be an exception!

Then on actual Halloween Sunday we taught our first CTR 7 class. I was pretty nervous but everything turned out great. We came home to an amazing pot of Wendy's Chili simmering... find that recipe here...

I am decorating for Thanksgiving tomorrow!
 November is going to be fun, I have something for every weekend already!

Oh and BTW, wish me luck on my interview at Target tomorrow... who doesn't want a 20% discount to be a seasonal cashier?


  1. you are such a molly...I love it! good Luck tomorrow

  2. good luck!!! love the bee so cute!