Love My Boys

I got my very first puppy Kobe while my husband happened to be away on one of his long excursions.
I LOVE that little boy! He is obviously the cutest dog in the world (sorry Hoosher, you're a close second) and he is so loving and obedient... well he is now, not so much at first.
Anyway, I was kinda nervous for Kobe and Richard to meet. I heard that male dogs can be territorial and protective and since its only been Kobe and me the last 3 weeks, I didn't know what to expect. Plus Richard was trying to be so macho and say " I hate little dogs, we need a manly dog like a German Shepard or a Rotweiller..."

They were both wary of each other at first. Richard got annoyed that Kobe would sleep right at his feet and he would kick him all night. Richard tried to pretend like he didn't really care... but after the first day, I could see him starting to warm up. 

Richard told me today, he said " I love this dog, we're gonna have him for a long time right?" Haha! I knew it! 
Now they are best buddies. Kobe loves that he can play rough with Richard, and he listens to him better now than he does to me! 

I love my Boys! Now if they would only sit still enough for me to take a picture...

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