Old School

I FINALLY have been able to stand up and come back to the land of the living! yay! I went outside for the first time in 6 days... oh how I missed that fresh air!
So, Im still taking it easy and hobbling around a couple of hours a day. Richard decided that I needed to get out of the house finally today, so we drove around for a bit.
We were SO excited to find a movie rental place!
 Since RedBox has put everything out of business, we have been dying to find a place so that we can get some good old movies. The place was aptly named "Movie Rentals" and is definitely old School... love love!
We spent a good 30 minutes exploring the racks and finding old movies we've been dying to see.
I was THRILLED to find the "family" section with some of my favorite movies that I use to watch growing up.
I finally decided on one of Richard's favorites...

But I made a list of more movies Im going to rent next time... do you remember these movies?

What other movies did you watch growing up?


  1. I own those top 4 and happen to have just rented home ward bound as well....weird! Do you remember White Squal? bed knobs and broom sticks and the old disney real people movies.

  2. i've had an urge for seven brides for seven brothers lately!

  3. you know you want to watch 'Annie' ...'on our own'.....'meet me in St Louis' and 'Little Princess......not to mention 'Thumbalina' and"All American Family Band" and "Polyanna"

    I want to watch all of those right now! and little mermaid and 7 brides