Bottled Up

Have you noticed how I have been trying to be SO POSITIVE on my blog lately? I had a period earlier this year when I was SO NEGATIVE and complainy all the time... I hated it! When I read back on my blog I am pretty embarrassed. I made a goal to be positive and find good things to write about. Not only that, but I applied that goal to everything in my life. I have to say, it has been working! Good things have been happening... ok maybe they were happening before but I was TOO NEGATIVE to notice?

Anyway, its been bottling up and I decided that I can let a LITTLE bit of venting out,
 maybe like once a month... right?

2 Things that have been bugging me as of late...

#1  UTAH drivers... oh holy mosby! I have been driving in some of the biggest cities in the states... SEATTLE, BALTIMORE, DALLAS, CHICAGO, LA, SAN DIEGO, DC, Rexburg (haha, kidding)

I have driven in the worst conditions i.e. Rain Sleet Snow Hail Tornado etc...
and NEVER have I been SO frustrated with other drivers than I have here in Utah. First of all, there are like 6 million 100 year old's that live here in St George. I firmly believe that seniors over the age of 70 should have to take a driving test annually.
 Secondly, why do people think that they have to be 4 inches from your bumper at stop lights and stop signs, why do they think that they don't need to signal when they are turning OR getting into your lane at the VERY LAST SECOND then slamming on your brakes. I truly believe that I have never honked more in my life then I have the last 8 months of living here. Not only that, but when you honk your horn, they get all offended like they have no idea why you're honking... oh the RAGE!

#2 Inconsiderate neighbors! I have some great neighbors. Mostly couples our age that are gone all day and pretty quiet. The kind of people you say hi to as you pass but they dont get all in your business. That is until a couple of weeks ago. A lovely apartment FULL of security guys moved in with their flashy cars that take up ALL the good parking spaces. Girls in and out like Crazy! Loud music until all hours of the night. Thats not even the bad part... 

The weather has been really perfect lately. I love the fall when it's crisp in the morning and a little chilly at night. I am so happy to be able to open all of our windows and air out the house that has been closed up all summer. That is until the downstairs boys moved in. I'm laying in bed at the reasonable hour of 11 PM listening to the loud music, trying to sleep with my window open. Thats when I smell it! 

I know the difference between cigarette smoke, cigar smoke, and illegal substances.My neighbors were tokin' it up right below my window! SOOOO ANNOYED, I got up and slammed the window. The next day, sitting down to watch my weekly Dancing With The Stars at 7 PM I have to get up and slam my patio door. The next morning at 10 AM I have to close ALL the WINDOWS and DOORS! My entire house smells and I swear when my visiting teachers come they're gonna think I'm a pot head! 

WOW, I feel better getting that off my chest! Check that off for my October vent... stay tuned for another one next month!


  1. Can I just say even your venting is different now then it was at the beginning of the year! Way to see something that needs improvment and then DOING something about it. I wish I was more like that.

    p.s. if you VTs are anything like me they wouldn't have a clue what pot smells like...instead they would think you were cooking something that will probably taste gross. :) so no worries.

  2. next time I'd call the police.....yuck....such bad habits people have oh and you should probably get some therepy for that road rage....