To celebrate Richard's last night of freedom before he starts his new job (working 6 nights a week, yuck)
we wanted to do something fun. Alas, we live in a boring town and couldn't find anything to do so we ended up going to Sonic and getting ice cream, then coming home and watching UFC Fight Night... snore!
Luckily, my cousin Bria saved the day! She called and invited us to go to Mesquite, Nevada (about 30 mins away) to play BINGO!
We had never been before, but have heard from a ton of people how much fun it is. So we headed down to The Eureka Casino... it was packed! St George is hosting the "Senior Games" so we figured there would be a lot of people there. Really, when you think of Bingo you think of a retirement community. We had NO idea what to expect...
While we waited to get into Bingo, we warmed up with some good old fashioned slot machines. I personally am TERRIFIED of gambling! I only let Richard to the penny machine. He put in $2 and won $12!!! I was SUPER excited and made him cash out RIGHT AWAY! Quit while you're ahead... Richard made fun of me but I am TOO nervous to lose money and $12 is great if you ask me!

So we got into the Bingo room and instantly became aware of how intense these Bingo people get. There are a MILLION different ways to play and win and even computers to use... we saw people with huge bags full of multi colored daubers (the ink you use to stamp your card)

We choose to play the simplest way and only got 6 cards... its was only $4 a person... quite a fun and cheap Saturday night activity. Thankfully we had Bria and Craig there to tell us what to do cause it was SO confusing... plus they brought great treats!

Let me just say that it was super intense... the other players get SO into it...BUT luckily we had beginners luck! Richard got a BINGO pretty quickly, but didnt call it soon enough so it didnt count :(
Then, he got it again but it didnt count because it was on the same card as the previous BINGO... seriously who makes up these rules.

BUT, Richards name was called for the raffle and he won $25 and a free buffet! Shortly after that I got a BINGO! I was a little to excited and called it before she called the winning number out (they show the ball on the screen before they actually say it) Pretty sure the whole room hated our table. Another person got BINGO the same time I did so I had to split my winnings and only got $25.
Then Bria won the U Pick and won $100!!
 (sorry about the pic Bria, but its the only one I had)

Overall it was a GREAT night! and We went home $62 richer than we came! 
I cant wait to go again! Now I understand why the old people get so into it! 
We even got our own daubers to start a collection!

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  1. Finally getting an income! LOVE IT! might as well play bingo you can chum up some rich oldies and get in good before they croak! See more ways then one for bringing in the bacon!