Puppy Problems

My mom keeps asking me why I dont post more pictures of our little Yorkie, Kobe...
my answer to that is... I do not want to turn into a weird dog owner that posts a million pics of their dog, all of which look pretty much the same. I did decide however that it is ok to do a post every once in a while so that my family can see how big Kobe is getting!

We got Kobe about 2 months ago, when he was just a little guy.

He was about 4 lbs then, and 3 months old.
 He is now a whopping 7 lbs! full grown probably, and 5 months old.

He looks super scraggly because he cannot be groomed until he has all of his shots, which he will have next month finally... poor guy cant hardly see anything!

He is super sweet and wants to be with us all the time. He lays outside the bathroom door when I'm in the shower, and sits on my feet while I'm cooking. He hates, more than anything, not being where you are. Case in point, my story...

We bought a little gate to put up so that Kobe can stay in the kitchen when we have to leave him. That way he wont get into anything, or have any accidents on the carpet. The gate is super tall and very sturdy. (when I put it up I tried kicking it, and it didn't budge an inch) 
So, we went to church and put Kobe in the kitchen. When we got home, he was there to greet us at the front door! How in the heck did he get out? The gate was straight up knocked down.
I was so ticked that I put the gate back up and put Kobe in there to see how he did it...

He shoved his head through the TINIEST hole in the corner until the gate fell down... little weasel! 
So now, he pretty much does what he wants. We just leave him out when we leave and let him cry and scratch at the door for hours. (we were gone for 4 hours and he was still whimpering when we got home)

Stay tuned for pics of his hair cut next month!


  1. Hahhaaha...that bottom picture is CRACKIN me up right now!

  2. CUTE! Think of Kobe has your child...those of us with humans for children post pictures like crazy...so you should be able to post pictures of your dog child...right?

    What a cutie! Makes me want a dog.....only not really.

  3. He is adorable, and you and your hubberz make an adorable couple :)

  4. Pretty sure he has the cutest face I've ever seen!