Where have I been?

Where have I been you may ask?
The answer is HEAVEN! I got to travel to Chandler Arizona for a blissful weekend with my family.
My sister Christie and her little family from Texas moved over to Chandler where my sister Melissa ALSO lives... so I wanted to be able to help them get set up. It just so happened that they moved just in time for my birthday AND my niece Lucy's bday!
Well, my mom and HER husband are also moving there this summer, so they came down for the weekend to look for houses... not to be out done, my dad and HIS wife made the drive down from VEGAS to join the party!
I could not have asked for more... the most perfectest birthday EVER!

Since I share my sacred birthday date with Lucy juicy, we wanted to keep thing separate so that we each got all the attention that we wanted! And we really just like to have more excuses to PARTY!

We started the festivities Friday night with a Girls night! Whop Whop!
Melissa, Christie, mom and I went out to Panda Express for dinner {my choice of course}
We then went to downtown Tempe to a dueling Piano bar which was SO FUN! We sang and danced and drank pretty {non alcoholic} drinks!
The girls requested an NSYNC song dedicated to me... Bye Bye Bye, always a classic
{please ignore the disgusting cell phone pics}

On Saturday, Melissa and I threw an AMAZING Minnie Mouse pool party for Lucy's 2nd birthday!
{we just love a theme... makes everything WAY better and fun}
A bunch of family and friends were able to come and we had a blast swimming, eating, coloring, and visiting.

On Sunday I got the day {and the attention} all to my self to celebrate{mourn?} my 28th birthday
We had a great family dinner and opened presents! I got my much anticipated Sonic lemon berry slush and played games into the night.

Monday we were able to help Christie and Daniel get their new place set up a bit. Mom and I ditched everyone to go pamper ourselves with birthday PEDICURES!

AND Melissa's dog Hoosher loved me the most and slept with me every night... helped ease the pain of leaving my own poochie for 5 days!
Such a great weekend. I love that my family knows me so well and made everything special. So much fun... now that I will have 2 sisters and my mom {aka my three best friends} in Phoenix does that mean that there is an impending move on my horizon?

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