Im Not Even Embarrassed

I'm bored... and what do I do when I'm bored?
I would like to say that I bust out my sewing machine and whip up an impromptu craft, or bake some amazing meal complete with beautiful table settings...

The fact of the matter is, when Im bored I watch TV.
I'm not even embarrassed by it cause Im not a chronic TV watcher. I hate just sitting, flipping thru channels and settling on something to watch. Watching TV just to watch it...

I like to watch TV when there is something specific on that I love.
Like the NBA finals (GO MAVS!), or Friends or King of Queens or anything on TLC... I have a reality show obsession.
Its my happiest day on a Saturday and there is a great "Say yes to the dress," or "cupcake wars" marathon on TV... I could lay in bed in my pjs all day and watch it and not feel guilty one bit.
Since I have no kids, or callings, or responsibilities outside of work, I have that luxury... and Im gonna take advantage while I can!

Since American Idol, Gray's Anatomy and Biggest Loser just ended... I have to choose my summer shows that Im going to follow.

These are the shows my DVR is set to record as of now:

Monday's- Bachelorette (I always swear Im not going to watch it, but I get sucked in)

Tuesday's- 16 and Pregnant (or the new Teen Mom thats about to start)

Wednesday- nothing yet... any suggestions?

Thursday's- So You Think You Can Dance

Friday's- What Not to Wear

Sunday's- Khloe and Lamar and Keeping up with the Kardashians (another guilty pleasure)

I have made a goal to not watch TV other than these unless there is a special or something on...

What are your favorite shows?


  1. omg i just met someone two days ago that looked just like you! like i seriously had to look very closely at your picture! are you sure you don't have a twin and a sister named jessica hanging out in houston?!


  2. Well you should be embarrassed because you spelled the word wrong. But anyway..I usually would have suggestions but everything is over for the season. Except the Voice on Tuesdays and we're gonna start watching that new lawyer show that has Zack Morris on it.