Owl about it... hehe

Have I told you my obsession with owls?
I love those guys! Not the real ones.. .theyre freaky... but the not real ones are too cute!
My mom picked up on my love for owls and has been adding to my growing collection.
She is the creative mastermind of life! and makes me amazing ALLIORIGINAL creations...

New! House warming painting for my kitchen, Oliver Owl... LOVE!

These guys are from her Night Owl collection on Etsy... there are three in all
Herman, Ethel, and tiny{not pictured}

She didnt make this... but I love it! Toothbrush holder from Target
Nellie, Tweeter, and Mo

 She sent me these awesome dish towels that match my kitchen colors to perfection... ignore the stain {who does not understand the difference between 'show towels' and everyday towels...}

And finally my most favoritest... she hand sewed this amazulous applique free hand without a pattern or anything... So precious, I framed it!
Mr. Owl

I love my mom's creativity... all her little precious touches all over my house...
If you are dying to have some AlliOriginal's of your own, check out her Etsy, or her blog here.

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