Fast Five... I loved it!

I've been having complaints from the peanut gallery about posting recent pictures... "what are you up to Kimmie? You never give updates on your blog, just complaints..." Chill people!
{Im tryin to make it seem like there are actually more than 2 people {at the same conversation mind you} that have asked that...}

Well- here's whats up...
I moved... again... that would be the THIRD time in 4 months...
I hate it worst than I hate stepping in dog poo on the bathroom floor in the morning {which I did this morning, disgust... but poor sick Kobe pup :(}

If you remember, when we moved to San Diego in January we had a big annoying last minute decision on where to live. I frankly got sick of searching and just moved into a place cause the deposit was cheap...

Bad idea cause the 2 bed 2 bath was $1250 a month and I HATED it there!
So, I decided to downsize to a 1 bed 1 bath, save $400 a month and live a tid bit closer to work and the ward that I LOVE!

This is what my life looks like now...

Going from having 2 bed rooms to 1 bed room is more of an adjustment then I thought... I have no where to put all this stuff! Im gonna have to get a storage unit or something... plus now I have a brother in law sleeping on the couch and keeping his stuff in the tiny coat closet... BUT thats what happens when youre living in San Diego, you cannot afford any pleasures in life... but I live close to the beach!

Speakin of that, I got my first sun burn of the season!!
I got to the beach and pulled out my sunscreen... apparantly I use it too often cause it was completely gone and I was NOT about to spend $12 on sunscreen at a souvenier shop when I could buy the nice spray on kind at Target for $4.95 thank you! Hence the burn...

Oh and I got the stuff the make THIS

... which Im obsessed with!
So look for a tutorial on that coming soon! And also pictures of my tiny apartment once I get rid of all the excess...

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