Out with the Old...

I hate blogs without pictures and just a lot of writing... unfortunately, I married someone who hates taking pics AND my dog ate my memory card (literally! little bugger)

Our Holiday's were mellow... 
I worked at Target like a banchee... 
We spent time with family and TONS Of food! 
We packed and moved everything into a Uhaul
Spend New Years with more family 
Watched Football
and started our trek to our New Year

Right now I am stuck in Bakersfield while the road to San Diego is blocked by snow,
and this is about where we are at...

we're headed to the RIGHT!

2011 is starting out with a BANG! 
We get to start new jobs in a
 new(ish) State with a 
a new rental HOUSE! which I'm so excited about

We are so excited! and I PROMISE to take pics and keep the blog posted with our NEW lives in 2011!

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