Yup, its THAT good!

I'm constantly trying to learn how to cook. Any normal person can follow a recipe, but I want to make food from scratch... I want to be able to taste something and know what its missing... I want to know what seasonings taste good together and how to get the taste I want... Im sick of using the "season all" stuff...
I found this seasoning and I'm in LOVE!

I read about this seasoning on a cooking blog somewhere. I saw it at the grocery store the other day for $.99 for a huge shaker... so I got it...
from steamed veggies, to chicken, to top ramen, to salad, to baked potatoes... EVERYTHING!
It is just a mild kick to anything and tastes amazing!
Mix it into your ranch dressing and dip your veggies in it
I love big flavors and this just kicks everything up a notch...
they should pay for me to advertise this stuff cause I tell everyone about it.

Today I sprinkled it on my chicken while it cooked, then sprinkled it into the chili...

Try it, you can thank me later!

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  1. I should send mine to you...it is too spicey to ut into our kids' food. Maybe I should try it though...