Honey, I'm Home!

As it turns out... living in southern California is freakin expensive!
We shopped and shopped for a place to live.
 Unfortunately, our price range is either super ghetto or super far away.

In St. George we had a 2 bed 2 bath for $750
In San Diego, if you find even a studio for that much you better sleep with one eye open. We wanted a 3 bedroom so that we could have a guest room for people to come visit, but we're going to have to wait for my raise for that one... and COME VISIT ANYWAY! I already told Chris he'd have to give up his room for visitors.

After much searching and praying, I found a place that meet most of our requirements and didn't make me want me to buy a tazer. (even though I'm gonna need one when I go to work anyway... we will NOT be living in that neighborhood!)
The main down side is that it is kinda out there... farther away then we would have liked, but what can you do...

The apartments were built in the 70's but are in surprisingly good condition. There  is air conditioning, which is rare for some reason. The community is nice and it's close to a freeway for me to get to work.

I think there is potential... now I just need my mom to come help me decorate, and for my friends to be willing to drive all the way to visit me.

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  1. where are you?! i so know about the craziness of finding a place to live that you can afford and don't have to carry mace when you take out the trash. call me and we'll have you guys over soon!