It takes time

If you're wondering what we have been up to lately...


On our way to San Diego, we went by way of Bakersfield so that these boys could visit their mother...

Unfortunately, our quick stop turned into a long stressful night because snow shut down the freeway to San Diego.

When we FINALLY got to San Diego, the weather was beautiful!
 So happy to be back and SO happy to get back to normal... but alas, 

I'm Kimmie and nothing ever works out for me.

- We were staying in a hotel until our house was ready to move into on the 15th. 
- I was supposed to start working immediately, which is why we were in such a rush to get down here.
- The house we had arranged to rent fell through and left us homeless in a rush to find some place else to live...
- My fingerprint clearance for work is taking a ridiculous amount of time to come through and I can't start working until it does
- Richard's job from St. George did not pay him his final paycheck as they promised, so we ran out of money 
-I haven't started working so there is no pay check that I was counting on to pay our rent and deposit 

So... we've spent the last 10 days in a hotel doing this...

 PS, do you like my red hair?

and this... biding our time until our prayers are answered, which they will be!

Brothers reunited!

Aubrie (Richard's niece, and Kobe)

The bright side is both Richard and his brother Chris have had interviews and look like they are going to start working soon... AND we have had some time to rest and readjust before the crazyness begins...

Here is to hoping that my next post is more positive... 
come on San Diego, be good to us!


  1. yes I do like your red hair!

    and I hope things start to fall into place for you. Good luck!

  2. I love the red hair! And Kobe looks adorb too! Can't wait for you guys to have some normalcy in life