Wasn't it easier in your lunch box days?

I've had some time on my hands... Husby has been working days and nights and I have NEVER been happier to be alone... only cause it means he is working. But it also means I'm alone a lot since I just work from home on my computer. So, I've been catching up on my window shopping... I was walking around Target one day that they happened to be putting out the Christmas decor.

Target + Christmas decorations = my drug of choice... I immediately started making my shopping list for Christmas, then continued to walk around Target for an hour and make my list for Christmas presents. I didn't actually buy anything cause lets be honest... I don't have any money. But it was at that point that I decided to apply for a discount, uhhh... I mean job. I had spare time, and I could use some extra money during the holidays. Plus the discount!

 I found out that they happened to be hiring for seasonal employees.
My dear friend Bethany and I worked at Target years ago, back in Idaho Falls. We worked the Black Friday at 4 am... I figure I'm a shoe in... and I'm right! I applied on Friday night, got a call Saturday afternoon, interview Monday... hired on the spot!

I was super excited because I could just see the shopping list in my head getting an instant discount. I didn't really think too much about the actual job, cause really cashiering is a piece of cake. I was putting on my khaki's and red shirt for my first day, and I realized... I am about to go work at Target. 

I've been working ever since I was 15 and I have had a lot of jobs in my life:
Chicken Express, Marble Slab, Razzoo's, First Command, Pier 1, Victoria's Secret, Rexburg Opinion Center, Target, Quiznos, Hank's Sports Cards, Subway, Juvenile Corrections Center, Charlotte Russe, Broad Horizons, SAY San Diego, Benson Vision Source, AdTech Academy... the list goes on...

I worked sometimes 2 jobs to pay my way through College, I've had career jobs, I hate working!
I hate punching a clock and asking to take a 15 minute break... I hate pretending like I'm a peppy person... I hate watching the clock counting the minutes til you can go home. I hate more than ANYTHING asking, "would you like to save 5% on every purchase by signing up for a Target card?"
(I hate when people ask me that, but honestly the cashiers have to! Its part of the job)

Target is my favorite store, and a great place to work. Honestly it's not a bad job. I just feel like I need to explain to every person "I don't have to work as a cashier, I actually have a college degree."
I chose to apply for the job, I chose to work there, but the reality is... I paid to go to college so I have a degree, and now I work as a cashier at Target? What is the world coming to?

Most of the people I work with are in similar situations. They are mom's having to go to work because their husbands got laid off, there is one man that retired but had to go back to work and the only job he could get was minimum wage. 

Should I be ashamed to be a cashier at Target? I really feel grateful that Husby and I have jobs at all! So next time you're checking out at Target, pay attention to your cashier... who isn't just tryin to make a buck these days?


  1. I think its awesome that you are working at Targ! Probably the best place to work seasonally. I also think you should stay there and become a manager. p.s. for the record...you stole the words Husbee from me..and now I dont use it anymore. You know how we have to get that credit ;)

  2. Ahh, Target! I love going there. Ours is forever away though, dangit. Have fun. Do you have the morning shift for Black Friday? I think I did morning both years I worked there. Though the second year I was so pregnant that they let me just sit up at Guest Services entering in card applications.