Busy week... still Recovering

Last week was JAM packed with fun, stress, and FOOD!

My dad and I drove to Vegas on Tuesday night to pick Kailey up from the airport. The trip is about 90 minutes. Kailey called right when we were taking the exit to the airport. Literally RIGHT when I said, "we're taking the exit," we got REAR ENDED! They hit so hard that the phone flew out of my hands, and my headband FLEW off my head! So we were stuck on the side of the road for a good hour. Luckily no one was hurt and the car was driveable... our necks and backs were super sore but ok... what a way to start out the week!

Wednesday was fun with Kailey, we went shopping, dyed our hair, ate some burgers. Chris and Melis got into town Wed. night with Kobe's favorite cousin... Hooshie pup! They are BFF's!
Wed. night about 10 pm Richard got a call from work saying that they are laying off ALL the employees... HAPPY THANKSGIVING to us... let the STRESS begin...

We spent Thanksgiving day at My dad and Lisa's house with:
Dad, Lisa, her daughter Natalie, husband Spencer and son Cameron
My aunt Teresa and Uncle Mike
Cousins Bria, her husband Craig and baby Krew
Cousin Kitty and boyfriend Kason
Sisters Kailey and Melissa and her husby Chris
The Food was amazing... and my Turkey cupcakes didnt turn out quite as wonderful as I imagined mostly because it was a NIGHTMARE finding candy corn... but still cute

 finally Melissa brought some from her left over Halloween decorations...

I had to go to bed SUPER early that night because the next day was BLACK FRIDAY of death... and I had to be at work by 3:30 AM! Chris, Melissa and Kailey decided to go CRAZY and camp out at Target.
They got there are midnight and were 100th in line... when I got there at 3:30, the line was INSANE!
Of course there were a couple of girl fights and pulling hair... the hot ticket LCD TV was sold out in 2 minutes! The line wrapped around the store 3 times and was almost 3 hours long at one point...
Good news was that there were only a couple of rude people, and AS SOON AS my 10 hour shift was over, I crashed for 5 hours! When I woke up, I felt like I got hit by a semi!

Saturday was a busy day too... I had to work for 6 hours in the morning, then I spent most of the afternoon baking my WORLD FAMOUS cupcakes... which were AMAZING BTW (Ill do a separate post about those jems) Then we headed over to dad's house to get ready for the Reception that night.
My dad and Lisa eloped on 10/10/10, and wanted to have a reception of sorts once everyone was together.

Food was catered by TROY's BBQ, Music by Kason and Kitty... it was a great night!
We stayed up til ALL hours of the night playing games and laughing until we cried. 

By the time Monday rolled around, everyone LEFT me! I hate that... but good news is that Richards work called and want him to work again... (talk about a roller coaster of emotion!) I couldn't be happier, but I am still ticked that they put us through that... 
(HOLIDAY turkey orders at Richards work)

Everyone got home safely, we will be able to pay rent this month... now its time to decorate for Christmas!
Horray for the Holiday's!

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  1. love the cupcakes....so glad you were only hurt enough to get a few massages and a chiro...:) hated not having time with you during thanksgiving......looks like it was fun....got to get Kailey off the bottle ha ha...