24 hours of FabuloCITY!!

My cousin Emily got married last weekend in Portland and I missed it! So sad, but the good news is that her husband is from Vegas which means a reception just 90 minutes away! With plans in place I (husby had to work so sad...) headed down to Vegas to meet the Hayes' for 24 hours of fun... whop whop!

We obvi have been to Vegas a million and a half times... but this was one of the best!
Chris and Melis got us a sweet room at the Westin! 4 stars!

We visited the LV Temple... which is massive BTW

Got in some strip time... mormon style... visited NY, Paris, and Italy...

Emily's reception was beautiful! And we were SO happy to see Kailyn and Dave... its been forever!
Over all, good night... fun memories... and yummy food!

So here is the story... We made a decision that we needed to eat some place fun and different than normal.
MVF visited a place called HASH HOUSE A GO GO... there were rave reviews and the menu looked superb! Chris was SOOO excited for the Waffle tower... we had to go...

After searching for 2 hours... we found our destination... by this point we were completely famished and SO ready for the delishiousness of life...

Oh my... 4 waffles, stuffed with bacon, and topped with 2 pieces of fried chicken!
Melissa and Chris did a friendly wager... a SLAP bet if you will... Chris finished off every lick of that mountain! Way to go!

Melissa and I ordered a 1 pd. STUFFED burger of love... 2 pattied stuffed with avacado and bacon...

AND we ordered a SNICKERS FLAPJACK of life! AMAZING!

We split the 2 and couldn't even finish half! The food was DELISH! but the service was AWFUL! It took us 45 minutes and 4 different servers to get our food... each plate 10 minutes apart... but it was all part of the VEGAS experience... lovin every minute!

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