A New Leaf

I was super sick and stuck in bed all day yesterday (some pretty bad back problems, and some other pretty bad  problems...) anyhow, I stumbled upon a marathon for DC cupcakes on TLC.

The show is a little cheezy, but I love their shop. They make custom flavors and super amazing looking cupcakes.

Well as you guys know, I am aspiring to become the best cook in the world (I want my kids to say "my mom is the best cook in the world!") so I figure it will be a good idea for me to not only make food that tastes great, but also looks amazing. 

I have some inspiration, Husby and I love to watch all the food shows. Some of our favorites are:

Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives
Man vs. Food
Cake Boss
Rachel Ray (husby has a huge crush on her)
No Reservations

Whenever we are watching these shows, I get all inspired to start cooking. The food looks so good and so simple to make (as theyre talking, I think "oh I could do that") but when it comes down to it, I always go easy and predictable.

Well, not this time! I want to become an amazing cupcake maker, N-M-dub!
 (my family says that for NO MATTER WHAT!)
I am going to go get a cake decorating kit, an amazing frosting recipe, and I'm gonna get started. 

Now, my first thought is... I have to have people to bake for otherwise Husby and I are in for some serious poundage! So, my first event... THANKSGIVING!
I started looking for some cute ideas... I don't want to get too crazy on my first try. Here's what I'm thinking



Let me know if you have any good cupcake recipes, or ideas... Im gonna try ALL OF THEM!


  1. I have a book called "hello cupcake" filed with ideas and easy (cheap) wasy to make awesome and fun cupcakes. they also have a websit, but their book is now only a couple bucks off Amazon. ANYWAY its hellocupcake.com chekc it out. I love their April Fool's cupcakes so much fun! They make cupcakes look like noodles and meatballs or a turkey dinner. Great times.

  2. I so want to try those turkey cupcakes for thanksgiving, they are just too cute! Is there a website or someplace that has directions or are you just going to wing it?

  3. I always buy those betty crocker catalogs at walmart or albertsons and they always have really cute yummy ideas for cookies and cupcakes! You can always try that.