Not too Shabby...

Sooo... you would think that I would give up cooking FOREVER... but alas, I do want to be the best cook in the world some day, so I've got to keep on truckin'...

My honey has been out of town for the last month, he went to Tennessee for his sisters wedding and stayed a little too long... anyway, I thought that I should do something special to celebrate his return. 

I saw a simple recipe for Chocolate Covered Strawberries and decided to bite the bullet...

All you do is put a half a bag of chocolate chips into a double broiler to melt
(AKA chocolate chip pot in a larger pot of boiling water)
By the way, you can choose whatever kind of chocolate you want, I had milk chocolate so there you go)

Once it is mostly melted turn the heat down so that you don't burn the chocolate
Keep stirring to keep the chocolate smooth. Pat your strawberries dry so the chocolate will stick and just dip them into the chocolate. 

Put them on wax paper or foil to cool then put in the fridge until you're gonna eat them.

You can also dip them into sprinkles, or nuts, or whatever. If you have white chocolate they would look cool if you drizzled it over the milk chocolate.

I also dipped some pretzels in the left over chocolate. Remember, the chocolate is going to harden so make sure you rinse any left overs before they get super hard.

Now all you need is some sparkling cider and you've got a romantic evening ready to go! 

Also, check out this website for more great lovey ideas!

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  1. You are so domestic!! Great job! Could I not just do the microwave though?