Oh LOVE and Excitement!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE crafty blogs... I have links to several here on my blog and I LOVE spending time each day going through and finding inspiration for recipes, crafts, sewing, everything. My favorite thing is the giveaways! Most of the blogs have sponsors that give you GREAT ideas, and fun fun give aways.
I ALWAYS enter the give aways in hopes to get something great...

So, one of my favorite blogs is I Heart NapTime.
She always has fun ideas, most of which are SO simple for me to do.

A couple of weeks ago she did a give away from a super cute website called Kinley Lane Designs.
They have the cutes head bands, rings, and tops. I entered the give away like I do for ALL of them but...
I WON!! Oh it was the MOST exciting thing!

I got to choose a head band and a tank top which I got promptly in the mail... Oh Heaven! 
SOOOOO ADORABLE! I wore both the next day to church and got the best compliments.

I am still in shock that I actually won something, and even better that I got super cute amazing items... go check out the blog and the site... youre gonna like what you see!


  1. yay so glad you won! They look super cute on you!

  2. I must confess Kimmie - I am a total crafty blog stalker too! It's so fun to get ideas, even though I rarely do them and am really bad at it. But it's totally addicting.

  3. Soooo beautiful! Congratulations on winning, too. I've given up on entering, but maybe I'll try again one of these days. :)