Get Creative!

SPOILER ALERT!! If you are my family then DON'T read this post!
(I know you will anyway and I also know that NO Christmas presents are ever a surprise in our family... we all suck at keeping secrets...)

My hubby went to Tennessee for the last couple of weeks for his sisters wedding. I hate being alone and usually spend alone time browsing blogs and getting ideas... most of which I never actually do... but I do have a very full folder of amazing craft ideas.

So I committed myself to getting started on my Christmas presents early this year, hoping that if I spread them out I will be able to give better quality gift rather than just waiting til December and not having money all at once. 

I have SOOO many great presents that I am working on. One of the craft blogs that I LOVE! had a give away for one of its sponsors called Say it on the Wall
I didn't win the give away, but I found TONS of stuff that needed for some of the crafts I have been working on.

Everyone loves the vinyl lettering and sayings and personalized crafts. They are PERFECT for gifts and for amazing holiday decorations. I have shopped around for this stuff and SAY IT ON THE WALL has the cheapest prices that I have found ANYWHERE!

Im not going to post pictures of my projects until AFTER Christmas cause obviously they are presents, but if you want any ideas or just to look around, go that that site! 

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