Winning Weekend!

This weekend Richard is in Tennessee for his sisters wedding, and Lisa is in Texas visiting her son... so dad and I decided to take a little trip of our own. Ive been dying to get down to Phoenix to visit my sister, her hubby and Scottee, who moved here a couple months ago. Since its only  a 7 hour drive, dad, me and Kobe hopped in the car headed south.

We got to Phoenix friday evening (they actually live in Chandler, a suburb of Phoenix) and were ELATED to have Kobe and Hooshie (Melissa's pup) meet for the first time... Cousins... They LOVE each other... BFF's

They played and wrestled and napped... good times.

On Saturday we got to visit our cousins Lori, Summer and their families. My second cousin Melani and her husband just moved down so we got to see them and their ADORABLE baby Braxy. 
That night we played games... Melissa and I DOMINATED the boys! Love when we get to beat the most competitive boys in the history of the world!
We went shopping, we watched some football...

Played more games... WON AGAIN! Im super excited cause
 I NEVER win and I did 2 days in a row! whop whop!

On Sunday we went to my aunt Janie's house for dinner... played some volley ball, ate some yummy food and watched some more football...

I hate to go back to Utah and leave 2 of my sibs behind. Back to work... back to life...
Thanks for the fun weekend Phoenix family!


  1. loved it! Miss you guys and can't wait til you cooooooome baaaaaaack!

  2. Looks like a blast of a weekend! I am so glad you got to do that and that the pups made good friends