I was so happy last week, ALL of my sibs were here AT THE SAME TIME!!! Oh love... I miss those folks... first Christie and Lucy came in... love of my life! It was so great to spend time with Christie and have her be my first guest in the 'guest quarters...' Lucy is just amazing and I get teary thinking about how much I love my little niece... she is the best baby and just a cutie! I can't express it in words... she loves me the most!
Kailey came too for her spring break. We had fun chillin and layin out by the pool. 
Kailey was tryin to get tan but the wind was not working in our favor.
Then on Friday, Chris and Melissa (and hooshie!) stopped in on their way moving to ARIZONA! Happy day, they are going to be within driving distance of me! Whop! It was so fun to have everyone in my apartment and be around together... LOVE LOVE LOVE! 
And of course Scottee is here, working most of the time, but we got to be with him a couple nights.
I loved our Easter weekend complete with a sunset devotional on the cliffs over looking St. George.
Alas, the weekend was too too short, and everyone left me again. 

I look so forward to June for our family reunion here so I can have another fun weekend!

More pics coming soon (once my memory card is working again...)


  1. I don't know who is cuter..you or Lu Lu do dah juicy whatever

  2. No pics of me and christie...rude. JK. Miss you already!