A New Pet Peeve

Just a quick venting session...
Yesterday I woke up with a splitting migraine. This happens once or twice a month. Richard is getting over a cold and we were a great sickly pair. We stayed planted to the bed and couch all day, I didn't even bother to get dressed or anything. (i know that you all have those days too, so don't judge)

Anyway, my house is never dirty cause I have OCD, but there were dishes in the sink, and I had Sassy Pose boxes stacked up in the dining room. Pillows and blankets were everywhere... is 9 PM... I am literally stepping out of the bath and putting my robe on... then the doorbell rings.

(Now, let me just make a note here, family is always welcome to stop by without notice cause they already know you and it doesn't matter if have pajamas on... so if you're reading this, it doesn't apply to you, stop by anytime, especially is you have treats!)

We just moved here, and all the people we know are family or coworkers (most of them are family too anyway) so who could be at the door... I looked through the peep hole and its like 3 guys in suits.

I don't want to sound like a witch or a unfit Mormon, you know it was like the bishopric or home teachers or something. Up to this point (we've lived her almost 3 months) we have not been contacted by any men from our ward (points for the Relief Society who CALLED me and scheduled a time to stop by months ago)

I think its rude to just stop by someone's house that you don't know, without calling first. You don't know what they could be doing in there, you don't know their situation (literally, we just moved here). What if we are drug dealers and don't have any time to hide our crack... you don't know! Now I'm sure their intentions were good, just wanting to meet the new couple and get to know them... but really just call and make an appointment! I do not want people in my house if its not clean, I don't want people in my house if we've been sick all day, and especially don't want people who I've never met to have that first impression of us...

DONT JUDGE ME FOR THIS... but we just didn't answer the door. They rang the doorbell a couple of times and then left. I was in a robe, it was 9 at night, the house was a mess, and we were sick... that's my justification...
If they would have called and told us they were stopping by I could have been dressed and had the house picked up, maybe made some cookies... I was just so annoyed... and then I felt all guilty...
What would you have done?


  1. Open the door and make them feel super guilty like you were dying and it was with your last breath you were able to get there after they woke you from a final sleep..then lay it on thick that they are just nwo coming by...you kow it cold have bene the FBI and they found out abotu your crack house :) who does that 9pm in the church isn't that like bedtime

  2. Ha! you know how i feel...a peep hole is like caller ID for the door...screening visitors. Poor guys just trying to do the right thing.

  3. remember they are MEN. I bet they were out visiting and thought, "Hey we have a few more minutes and the new couple lives right down there. Lets go."

    If it had been me I would have opened the door and told them that we were sick and the house looked like we were sick. They would understand, they have been sick before too. and I am a firm beleiver that if you stop by then you get what you get and have NO RIGHT to be bothered.

    Give them a break. they probably have so much on their plates and are trying to do the right things. trust me it can be hard knowing what will bug and won't bug poeple. Sometimes you just have to do it and hope for the best.

  4. Brad is in the bishopric. Every Tuesday night they do visits. Un-arranged, stopping by, with no notice visits. I have told him that I would HATE if they showed up at our house unannounced some night. They get a lot of unanswered doors...shocking no? And, yet they just keep doing it. I do tell everyone I know to make sure their houses are clean on Tuesday nights! (They mostly visit new and less active people though.) They also do get let in often and have very nice, uplifting visits. I'm still going on and on, but I think it is just fine not answering the door. And if you had, not inviting them in is just fine too. They wouldn't hold it against you. They did show up unannounced after all.

  5. I would have made Nate answer the door and tell them that we were sick and maybe they could come by another time...but we have also been known to hide in our room until someone leaves when we both REALLY don't want to answer it :)