Don't Do IT!!

My sister's blog got me thinking (http://chrisandmelissahayes.blogspot.com/)... I am pretty self
controlled when it comes to most things... I don't eat a lot of junk food, I don't cook really unhealthy food, I'm not a chocolate freak like Melissa is...
BUT there are somethings that ARE MY ENEMY!!
 I have to yell at myself (in my head of course) not to buy these things when I'm at the store
, especially when they are on sale...

Oh, my favorite snacks that will disappear in an instant... if I buy them they are guaranteed to be gone by the end of the day...

Oh my blessed Party mix- I will eat the whole box without even noticing it! Its so awful, when I buy it I have to put the whole thing into baggy sized portions and hide them so I wont eat it all at once...
I tried to buy these in place of my party mix, hoping that they wouldn't put the same spell on me... WRONG! They are just as delicious and magically disappear so quickly. I don't even know that it happens.

And the amazing peanut buttery chocolatey goodness of life. I ONLY buy the Reese's pieces when I am going to the movies. I didn't realize I had the problem until I opened the box, probably five minutes later Richard asked if he could have some... THEY WERE GONE! Who even knew...

If you love me... DONT BUY ME THESE spawn of Satan's!! They are too good and I will go to great lengths to make sure they are gone within hours of purchase. It is the only time in my life when I can literally not control myself...

 Why do they all have to be majorly unhealthy foods? Why can't I be addicted to carrots, or celery?


  1. love reesie pieces!!! i'm getting lu hooked on chex mix and cheese its...i didn't relize it runs in the fmaily so maybe i better be careful :)

  2. Oh Kimmie you crack me up. Gardettos were a way of life in our college apartment! I am surprised that chips and salsa aren't listed here too. I remember many a Sunday coming home from church and whipping out the chips and salsa with you. Good times.

  3. Just so you know...Reeses Pieces aren't chocolate. They are just PB with a candy shell. I know i know..that just blew your mind huh?